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Yolande Marx Photography

Visions has the opportunity to work with so many incredible vendors, especially photographers! We love sharing a photographer’s personality with our readers so they fall in love with them just like we do!

We found the exquisite Yolande Marx Photography when we fell in love with one of her images, which we later used in one of our inspiration boards. Her captivating images took our breath away, and we were honored to have the chance to speak with her about what it’s like to photograph weddings internationally. Yolande was once a journalist, then she found her love and passion for photography and has done everything she can to continue to create beautiful images for her clients to cherish. She currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa where she is able to capture a bride and groom’s special moments on their big day. She has even been given the amazing opportunity to travel internationally to photograph weddings. This woman has big dreams with an even bigger heart, and we know she can accomplish whatever her heart desires!

Yolande Marx Photography

We were able to get to know Yolande, and we learned her favorite type of music, some of her experiences with clients, and where her dream vacation would be!

See what Yolande has to say!

What was the most memorable moment of your first international wedding in Norway?

It was the moment our plane descended upon Oslo and I looked out of the window and saw another continent for the very first time in my life. Prior to this trip, I had never been outside of the African continent and I was lucky enough that I got to share the experience with my mom who had also never traveled internationally. It was the most amazing feeling seeing the vast forests and lakes (or rather fjords) underneath us and discovering a completely foreign but exciting new part of earth. Another amazing moment was when our bride’s father, while taking us back to the airport for the long journey home, took us on a detour. We drove through the countryside and past beautiful landscapes like I’ve never seen before. Thereafter he spoiled us with a raspberry desert at a Michelin 1 star restaurant. It was an experience we will never forget!

What type of music do you enjoy the most?

I’m a country girl! Give me anything with Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flats or Keith Urban to listen to and I’m happy!

What is something a client has said to you that you’ll never forget?

I have a text message on my phone that I just can’t delete. It was from a groom after receiving their photographs: “Keep doing everything with such sincerity and passion! You’ll be great!” It just made my heart smile for some reason.

What do you have envisioned for your own wedding day?

It’s very hard for me to imagine myself getting married as I’ve been single for so long and I’ve never really been the girl to plan and dream about my wedding day. But if it does happen for me I guess I’d want a very small and intimate celebration. For me it is about people and those special ones in your life who want to celebrate this new season you are entering. So, good food, good wine and good music would be a requirement and then I’d love to choose a location very private and relaxed but with some kind of incredible view.

What is one of your favorite venues you’ve shot at, and why is it your favorite?

I have an incredibly soft spot for Hawksmoor House. Right at the beginning of my career I photographed a 10-year wedding anniversary there and it was my first event at the venue. I was as sick as a dog that day but it somehow turned out to be one of the best days of my life. My clients were the kindest most giving people and so stylish! It was my favourite wedding to date and will probably always remain so. Every wedding I’ve photographed at Hawksmoor since then has been special in its own way and it has just become my favourite location.

Where would your dream vacation be, and what would you do?

I’ve always wanted to travel to the USA. It’s my dream to one day fly to New York, rent a car, and set off to the other side of the continent and end up in San Francisco. I grew up watching movies with my dad and I’ve seen so much of your beautiful country on TV that I would love to experience the different States and the wonder of each one being my own tour guide.

How are Cape Town weddings different from weddings you had attended prior to moving?

They differ like night and day. I grew up in a relatively small town and unfortunately wedding trends and style doesn’t reach these type of places as quickly as they do in big cities. I’m not criticizing any of the weddings I photographed there when I first started out, but they are not a match for weddings in Cape Town. Firstly the scenery in Cape Town is like no other place on earth. I now have a lot of international clients who choose to get married here for exactly that reason. But the whole atmosphere of weddings here are different. I have experienced gypsy bands, waiters carrying buckets of oysters around as canapés, fire-dancers entertaining guests right alongside a wine estate’s beautiful vineyards. And the backdrop some venues offer with the white Cape Dutch houses are just so unique and special that nothing can compare.

We are so glad we were able to get to know Yolande. We can’t stop looking at her incredible photographs! Any bride would be lucky to have her photograph their big day. Take a look at her amazing images and see for yourself!

Yolande Marx Photography

Yolande Marx Photography

Yolande Marx Photography

Yolande Marx Photography

Yolande Marx Photography

Yolande Marx Photography

Yolande Marx Photography


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