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Windy City Diamonds

We are so excited to introduce to you, Windy City Diamonds, one of our new preferred vendors under our Visions Collective.

Everyone knows a trusted jeweler carries through from generation to generation. It’s like finding a good realtor, or doctor, only the best will do and when you find someone who cares about you and one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. It’s the trust that is established and the relationship that is built over time that is so valued.

windy city diamonds

Where you buy your engagement ring is as important as the engagement ring itself. Windy City Diamonds is located on Jewelers Row in Chicago will open up a world of possibilities from the second you walk into the door. The owner, Garry Zimmerman, and his staff of professional designers and diamond experts, deliver superior customer service and the finest quality engagement rings.

Windy City Diamonds is famous for their breathtaking one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings. They have been serving happy brides and grooms for four generations. From the first day you begin the process of designing your ring until the finished product is in your hands, they will keep you involved every step of the way. Many jewelers take months to make a custom designed ring, but Windy City has perfected their system, and their custom manufacturing capabilities can produce the product in only two to three weeks! What’s even more impressive is their prices rival “off the shelf” pricing.

Windy City Diamonds also makes custom pearl and colored stone necklaces that can match any bridesmaid’s dresses. Their colored stone experts can offer limitless options for a fun, unique gift for any bridal party.

Whether you are looking to learn more about diamonds, ready to buy a gorgeous piece of jewelry, or have your jewelry repaired, Windy City Diamonds is there to exceed your expectations. If you want even more proof, go visit their impressive Yelp page and read all the amazing raves and reviews that helped them get their 5 stars.

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