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Proposal Photographer: Why Hire One

Ring… Check… Proposal Photographer… ???

Most men go straight to the internet as their resource for proposal ideas, scouring through images of what other men have planned to feed their inspiration. Upon a quick google search of “proposal ideas” you will find that you can see the proposals up close and personal only because they hired a photographer to capture this big moment. You may be reluctant to pulling the trigger on hiring a proposal photographer, but I promise it will be well worth the investment to capture all you have planned.

The moment she realizes she is being proposed to is priceless, unlike most moments in our life this is a complete surprise, and to capture that moment she will be forever grateful. Your friends and family will also join in on spreading this grand gesture and you make out like the knight in shining armor. If we haven’t convinced you already to hire a proposal photographer, here are a few more things to think about.


(Photo Courtesy of Rachel G Photography)

There are basically two styles of proposal photography: paparazzi and up close. The type of proposal photographer you go with depends entirely upon you and your proposal plans.

A paparazzi style proposal photographer is someone who will stay out of sight during the big moment – hiding in the bushes and snapping some sweet shots when you get down on bended knee. This is a more covert way of capturing the proposal.

An up close and personal style proposal photographer, or what we would think of as ‘traditional’ photography for weddings and engagements shoots, is right there with you when you propose and can capture all the little details of the moment. They take on a more photojournalistic approach, being close to the action and capturing the moment as it is (no posing).

Although both styles of proposal photography will achieve the same end – professional photos of your proposal –  the main advantage to having a traditional proposal photographer is that immediately after she says yes, you can then go ahead and do your engagement session photos for your save the date right then and there while she’s still on cloud nine and the initial awe of the moment is still in the air.

If you’re concerned that having a photographer close by will ruin the surprise of the moment, don’t worry – that is all a part of the cover up.

The cover up story is essentially just whatever pretenses you tell your special someone to get them to show up to the proposal spot (without saying, ‘come to this place so I can propose’) and is worked out in the proposal planning consultation with us. 

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