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Wedding Cost | Men’s Edition

Once you’ve popped the big question, you may find yourself instantly caught up in the whirlwind that is planning your wedding and how much the wedding is going to cost!

Don’t start panicking, we aren’t going to get into a long spreadsheet of percentages and figures but we are going to guide you to have appropriate expectations.

When working with a planner we want to first establish realistic expectations for budgets and dreams that you have for your wedding.  Everyone has some sort of magical number in their head for what they would like to spend on their wedding budget.  But with the number also comes the dream, you can’t have a Chicago wedding in the city at the Waldorf Astoria for a budget of $25,000.  Many sources online will quote this as an average price in Chicago but planners know this is simply not a realistic price for a wedding in Chicago.

The average cost of a wedding in Chicago begins at $100,000 taking into consideration the type of wedding you are going to have, especially at the level of refinement and sophistication you and your fiancé expect.

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Traditionally, both you and your fiancé’s parents are expected to make significant financial contributions to your nuptials. This may not be a conversation you are looking forward to having, for a variety of reasons.

The good news is that you don’t have to follow every single wedding tradition you hear of, and this includes making your parents foot the bill.

Many couples today are financially stable enough to pay for the wedding of their dreams themselves. That way, they can avoid these common awkward situations:

  • No Two Parents are Alike: There may be some significant differences in finances between both sets of parents, which could cause an uncomfortable situation when choosing who pays for what. No one wants to start their relationship with their future in-laws on a sour note. Removing the financial expectations may help alleviate any potential awkward situations.
  • It’s Your Wedding: You and your fiancé want to celebrate your future together in the best way possible, with a wedding that accurately reflects your relationship. If you rely too much on your parents’ financial involvement, you may find yourself making too many compromises to appease them. If you and your fiancé are paying, then you two are the only ones in charge.
  • Bride’s Vision: Of course you want to be able to provide every detail and aspect of your bride’s dream wedding for her.  After all, a girl dreams about this day since she is a little girl! If she has her sights set on those exquisite flowers then it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to splurge on to make her happy right?  Discuss a potential budget with your bride to make sure she isn’t going overboard but keep in mind that this occasion only happens once in a lifetime!

As you embark on your planning, it is very important that you and your fiancée speak openly with both sets of parents and each other about your wedding. If you and your fiancée can achieve the wedding of your dreams through your own financial funding, then embrace your success and go for it!

Once you’ve agreed on your wedding budget, contact Visions! We can provide you with much-needed assistance in turning your wedding inspiration into a reality.

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