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wedding planning services

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wedding planning services
wedding planning services


[7-12 MONTHS]

There’s something wonderful about the word, ‘unlimited.’  It conveys decadence; a sense of boundless opportunity, placing all the best that the world has to offer directly at your feet.  This is exactly what you can expect with our Full-Service Planning. This is option one of our wedding planning services.

As a Full-Service bride, you are truly unlimited in every way.  We work hard to inspire you with creative ideas, find stunning locations, and recommend the best vendors. We do this to ensure that every piece of your wedding is flawless.  No detail is too small for us to attend to in this all-inclusive service. From romantic honeymoon arrangements to memorable bridal party activities, to day-of coordination with a team of experienced professionals.

Let us dedicate our creativity, experience, and enthusiasm to ensuring that you not only have an elegant wedding but the freedom to enjoy every moment of the process.

Photography By: Emila Jane Photography

wedding planning services


[3-6 MONTHS]

In the final six months of wedding planning, visions can become clouded as you work to keep track of every loose end, every piece of advice, and each creative idea.  Option 2 of our wedding planning services is partial planning. With our Partial Planning option, we will help you to focus your vision, bridging the divide between dream and reality.

Through our online Project Management System, a secure, personalized website we can collaborate on everything. From guest lists to budgets, to timelines, to planning events, we provide.  This is the central hub, the headquarters of your planning. It gives us both easy access to every detail of your wedding.

Your plans are already in motion. Allow us to help you keep your vision in focus as your wedding draws near.

Photography By: Emilia Jane Photography

wedding planning services


[1-2 MONTHS]

You have a vision of your day. You can close your eyes and see exactly what you want and you have laid the groundwork for a truly stunning wedding.  Our Month of Coordination is the final piece to ensure that all of your hard work is carried out with aplomb.

We will meet with you prior to your wedding to create a detailed, personalized wedding timeline and checklist. This is so that our team of wedding planners will be able to execute your wedding with ease.  From rehearsal to reception, Visions will be your vendor’s contact so that you are not burdened with questions or the responsibility of an agenda.  Our promise is to free you to live your dream wedding in bliss.

Photography By: Emilia Jane Photography

wedding planning services


With One-on-One Bridal Coaching

The Brides’ Society was created with today’s brides in mind.

What fits within their lifestyle and needs of planning their own wedding. A constant theme we heard from our brides was that they wanted to plan their own wedding. They wanted to do the research, have their hands in the details. But they also want the guidance, advice, and expertise of a planner.

With one-on-one coaching, you get just that. You get a planner to assist you with planning your wedding from the very beginning stages to the checklists on the day of. We are with you every step of the way and give you full support as a full-service planner.

The only difference is we are empowering you to plan your own wedding!

Included in the One-on-One Coaching Plan:

  • Custom Project in Aisle Planner (Access to Budget, Checklist, Guest List, Seating Charts, Room Layouts, Design Studio and a Notes section to keep everything in one place)
  • Monthly conference calls with your planner to ensure you stay on track, answer any questions and address the next steps in the planning phase you are entering.
    • Monthly Calls to Include but not limited to:
      • Budget Education and Management
      • Venue Selection
      • Contract Review
      • Vendor Selection
      • Design Concept Creation (Customized to your vision for your big day)
      • Checklist Checkin to ensure you are on task
      • Timeline Education and Creation (Created by Visions to help with all the questions that all vendors will be asking, when are you cutting your cake, doing the first look, are you doing a first look, etc.)
  • Email Communication 24/7 (Done within Aisle Planner)

*If you feel that some months you need more than one call we can add on additional calls or even add on in-person meetings.

*Day of Coordination is combined if desired at an hourly rate to suit your needs for the day of.

wedding planning services

Design Consultation

Finding your colors and style of your wedding can be a daunting task.  As a new bride, you have so many inspirational styles thrown at you.  At Visions, we help streamline the process of conceptualizing your design style. Making decisions and choices is so hard as a bride and we get that.  As Chicago Wedding Planners we will help you make decisions that will be cohesive with your overall design style.

Our first step in the process is to guide you through what style bride you are.  Many brides think they know their bridal style but are surprised by a complimentary style they didn’t know existed.

Photo By: Emilia Jane Photography


If you are newly engaged and at the beginning of your wedding planning process, we know how frustrating it can be. Especially trying to navigate the unknowns of the venues in Chicago.

Trying to find a venue that meets all your needs and is within your budget takes as much investment of time and energy as a full-time job. And yet, it’s where all your planning starts is with selecting the venue. Sometimes, just getting assistance with this piece makes all the difference for a bride.

Visions Event Studio offers a Venue Tour Session that will help you get started. It helps with the overwhelming task of finding a wedding venue.  

With this service you will save countless hours searching for venues that either aren’t in the area you are looking for, isn’t in your budget, or is not available on your wedding date.

We sit down and do a thorough brainstorming session with our venue tour questionnaire. After our meeting, we will have a full vision of your personal style and your ideal wedding. We then have our team start searching for ideal wedding venues.  

We narrow down the search and set up a venue tour of your top 5 venue spaces.  Visions will tour the facilities with you, reviewing food & beverage minimums along with contracts to assist you in selecting your ideal venue. We are with you every step of the one when it comes to the biggest decision in the wedding planning process.

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