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Wedding Gowns – Designers You Should Know

We love scouring the world of wedding fashion for the hottest new designers. From runway to aisle, couture wedding gowns make us weak in the knees!

There’s few things we love more than a couture wedding gown. Just the thought of wearing something so extravagant is enough to send shivers down our spines! Wedding designers are experts at constructing gowns to fit the natural curves of brides to bring out their best assets. When a bride walks down the aisle, the gown’s job is to make her feel as beautiful as her groom does every day.


We have found three up and coming designers who’s US presence is sure to increase in the coming years. Learn how to spell Inbal Dror, Mira Zwillinger, and Alone Livné, because soon they will be household names!  All three designers are unique in their design aesthetics, but one thing remains the same — these are incredible designers with intricate, detailed, haute couture gowns.

Despite having different aesthetics and vast styles, all three designers share one unique trait. All these designers are Israeli, with studios in Tel Aviv. The city is an amazing blend of Western and Eastern influences, so its no wonder why these designers call Tel Aviv their home. Israel is also the home country of famed wedding designer Galia Lahav and Say Yes to the Dress star Pnina Tornai. American brides are sure to swoon over the luxury and romance of these incredible designers!

Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror is a graduate of the Shankar Fashion Art Academy in Tel Aviv and has studied in Milan, where she shadowed some of the most talented gown designers in the world. Her designs are the epitome of sexy, with form-fitting silhouettes, sheer skirts, and intricate lace and beading details.


Photo Courtesy of Inbal Dror

Alon Livné

The winner of Israel’s “Project Runway,” Alon Livné got his start in couture from a young age, working in Alexander McQueen’s and Roberto Cavalli’s fashion houses. In 2013 he was commissioned by Beyonce to design her gowns for the “Miss Carter” world tour. His bridal collection, “Alon Livné White” is sure to make as many waves as his normal collections.


Photo Courtesy of Alon Livné

Mira Zwillinger

Established in 1991, Mira Zwillinger’s designs are starting to gain a loyal US fanbase. This mother-daughter duo are taken by nature and its magical, romantic qualities. These qualities have inspired Mira Zwillinger’s recent collections, titled “snowflakes” and “stardust”. Ethereal designs mixed with the highest-quality fabrics and appliqués make these gowns one-of-kind.


 Alexander Lipkin Photography

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