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Wedding Gifts for Your Groom

Stumped on what kinds of wedding gifts to give your groom on the big day?

If you’re having trouble coming up with a gift for your new hubby on your wedding day that will either make him tear up or cheer because he’s marrying you (or both!), we have the ultimate list of wedding gifts to suit every sort of groom.

Groom Gifts

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Of course, getting to marry you is a gift in itself, but if you want some ideas for other gifts for your groom, whether they be sentimental or silly, look no further!

Sunglasses: If your man is big into sunnies, gift him a new pair of sunglasses! They could easily be in your wedding colors and make for some adorable photographs, or you could get him that super expensive pair he’s been eyeing for some time now! He can use them on your wedding day, on the honeymoon, and then for months to come, and every time the sun is shining, he’ll think of your wedding day!

Cuff links: This is another item that can be customized into a super sentimental gift! Order custom cuff links for your groom for the big day, and have them made with either your initials, your wedding date, or both! Whenever your groom puts these on for years to come, he will always be reminded of your special day! And if he every forgets your anniversary, it’s right there on his suit!

Mini bar: If your groom has a certain drink of choice, put together a mini bar with all the ingredients for his drink! To make it more romantic, include the ingredients to your own favorite drink, and put this mini-bar to work on your honeymoon!

Pocket watch: Engrave yours and your groom’s initials into a pocket watch to give to him during the ceremony. Chances are, he probably already has a million regular watches, so this will add a romantic old fashioned twist to your wedding day and pictures! Extra points for you if you set it to the time of your ceremony!

Flask: Even if the college days of using flasks are over, this is a throwback gift that would be a great keepsake of your wedding day! Get a flask customized to fit your groom’s personal style, and include your initials or wedding date on it! He can display it at your bar or on your bar cart at home!

Handwritten note: Material things are wonderful, and can all serve a great purpose as a groom gift, but something that is often times underestimated is the power of a handwritten note. Sure, you text your hubby-to-be a million times a day, but how many times have you actually sent him mail? This can be done in a few creative ways. You can write him a letter during each month of your engagement, so he can read all about your thoughts through the whole wedding process! Or, you can sit down the night before the wedding and write him one super romantic, sentimental note that will be sure to bring tears to his eyes! If he happens to have the same idea, this makes for a wonderfully emotional photo op before the ceremony!

Once you’ve got the groom’s wedding gifts set, it’s time for Visions to take care of the rest of the wedding planning! Let us help you plan your special day!

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