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Wedding Catering On Wheels: Food Trucks

Using Food Trucks for wedding catering is a great way to grab a quick and tasty late night snack, that are sure to have you craving for more!

Are you looking into serving some scrumptious late night snacks for your guests to nibble on during your Big Day? As Chicago wedding  planners our brides want to serve late night snacks, but appetizers are sure to dwindle quickly and open buffets are bound to grow cold as the hours past?

Food Trucks are great for your weddings late night snacks

To solve the problem we found that Chicago Food Trucks are the perfect trendy way to serve these late night delights! The all-inclusive “meal on wheels” creates, cooks, and serves their specialized items all within their mobilized kitchen. Every food truck prizes themselves as being the best of the best in their food category, and strives to create the best “meal on the go” you’ll ever have!

Food Trucks are perfect for late night snacks to serve at your Chicago wedding

By using this unique “food on wheels” concept, you can have an array of diverse late night snack food items to choose from.

By choosing to hire a food truck to satisfy those late night craving, you are able to get everything from mouth-watering French crepes to divine Indian cuisine.

Chicagoland has some impeccable food trucks to choose from, including the popular  Beavers Donuts! Beavers creates delicious mini doughnuts  that are extremely light and airy creating the perfect bite! Their package of half a dozen mini donuts can be coated with the simple sugars such as cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, or chocolate powered sugar.

Or, for your more experimental guests, Beavers also serves up their mouth watering mini donuts with your choice of one of their irreplaceable toppings like s’mores, nutella, and PB&J!

Beavers Donuts stated to the Visions team that they  “love catering for weddings and are very accustomed to serving large groups form our gourmet food truck” which is perfect for any Chicago wedding!

All their donuts comes in an easy to carry small folding box, or fully customize-able wax paper bags! Lastly, whats a doughnut without a little milk or coffee? During the wedding receptions Beavers will also bring along several drinks to choose from, which includes everything from their excellent Cuban blend coffee in which they get locally here in Chicago, all the way to some simple yet tasty hot coco, water, milk, juice, and more.


Beavers Donuts Chicagoland Food Truck

No matter what your guests are looking while they’re dancing the night away on your big day, one thing is true,  food trucks are an absolute guarantee to satisfy any late night snack  craving!


Contact Visions, your Chicago Wedding Planner to set up all your reception needs, including a customized menu concept for late night snacks.

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