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Walking Her Down the Aisle to Her Proposal

The proposal is set up and waiting for her, but how is she going to get there?

One detail to consider when you’re thinking of proposal ideas is how your bride-to-be will arrive to the proposal. Here’s an idea: don’t bring her! Let her walk into the proposal site herself and surprise her with what’s waiting for her.

Many times when the groom walks the bride to the proposal himself, the bride starts getting suspicious before the ring even makes it out of your pocket! If she arrives by herself or is even escorted by a close friend or family member, she’ll walk right into the proposal and be blown away by what’s in front of her. We advise our clients to execute the proposal in this way, and walks into her proposal here’s why!

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Why She should Walk Herself down the Aisle

  1. The Element of Surprise- We always tell our clients the element of surprise is a must-have for a proposal. This will keep her out of the loop in order for you to spring the surprise of a lifetime on her! She will think nothing of what’s going on until she sees you standing in front of her with the ring.
  2. Keep your Composure- There’s no doubt that there is a lot of anxiety for a man about to propose to the love of his life. If you’re walking side by side, it’s much easier to become flustered and make her suspicious. Our strategy will help you keep your nerves under control while you wait for her arrival!
  3. Picture Perfect- Her reaction to seeing you waiting for a proposal will be priceless, and the images taken will say it all. Your proposal photographer will also be able to take pictures of you before the big question, and those will be a keepsake you can’t replace. Not sure if you need a photographer? Don’t worry, we have a post to tell you why you do!

This sneaky strategy for the proposal is a good way to make sure she doesn’t suspect a thing before you pop the question to her. To have her come to you with no questions asked can be easily done with a great cover up. Don’t worry, when it comes to the cover up, Visions has you covered!

Visions loves seeing the look on the face of a woman who walks into the biggest surprise of her life. Contact us and we’ll help plan everything to get your girl down the aisle…to your proposal!

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