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Visions on the Today Show

Did you know that Visions Wedding & Event Boutique is not only Chicago’s Wedding Planners but we are also Chicago’s Proposal Planners!

 That’s right we help guys pop the big question!  Proposals are a whole different animal when it comes to planning.  They are much quicker compared to weddings but a very different mindset goes into planning a proposal.  We help men with location logistics, cover up stories to get the “bride to be” at her proposal without suspecting a thing, and of course designing the proposal to set the stage for the big moment.


Visions was recently featured on the Today Show when Gabe Gutierrez showcased a company in California called “The Yes Girls” who focuses on proposal planning on the West coast.  Through following “The Yes Girls” on their live proposal they featured the concept that they were not alone in servicing men with their proposal planning.  Gabe Gutierrez featured companies across the nation like NY’s “The Proposal Planner“, and Chicago’s feature was on Visions Wedding & Event Boutique.

We could not have been more thrilled to have been chosen as Chicago’s Proposal Planners™.

Pop the Question with Visions Event’s Studio Proposal Service at 773-260-0227

About Jenée Strickland

Visions Event Studio specializes in luxury events, including proposals and couture weddings. Jenée Strickland, owner, and lead visionnaire, has been an integral part of hundreds of weddings and proposals. Her job is a privilege; her work is a passion.

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