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Vendors We Love – Menguin

Visions loves our brides, but we love our grooms just as much. We find it just as important to hook our grooms up with the best of the best, too! We stumbled upon Menguin and fell head over heels for their ingenious idea of rental tuxedo’s delivered to your door.

We were lucky enough to work with this wonderful company! They are among the first on board to start tuxedo’s to your door. It is this amazing new concept where you get a tux of amazing quality without having to leave your couch, boys. Just hop online or even your phone and you can build your own tux combo, set your event date, have it tailored accordingly, and have it delivered right to your front door. Or in even better words, it’s just plain awesome. With a variety of all different cuts and colors, Menguin is the ultimate tuxedo rental and will be sure to make your wedding a great one. You can guarantee that both you and your groomsmen will look incredible. Oh! And a side note? Menguin saves penguins! Every tuxedo rental directly aids in the adoption of an endangered penguin in South America. These guys aren’t only stylish, but they’re doing it all for a great cause, too.

Vendors We Love - Menguin

Visions had the pleasure of talking with Bogdan, one of the founders of Menguin, and he gave us the inside scoop on this great company. See what he has to say!

About the founder of Menguin – Bogdan

Visions: We are all aware of the nickname “penguin suit” for a tuxedo, and we love that Menguin has embraced that nickname through its involvement with the International Penguin Conservation Working Group. What drove the founders of Menguin to do this?

Menguin: This is a great question and it ties very much into our branding and the experience we wanted to convey of the site as a whole. When we were ideating what to call this fledgling company that was going to revolutionize the tuxedo rental industry we kept coming back to men in a penguin suit because a) penguins were our favorite animals, b) most species mate for life. c) Penguins on a whole are super cool. When we finally decided upon the name Menguin, we’d already decided to focus on weddings and the incredible inefficiencies found there – we knew without a doubt we had to help the penguins that were so fundamental to our mission!

Visions: Which style of tuxedo is your favorite?

Menguin: While I love everything we carry – for me it’s hands down the Roma. While you can’t go wrong in one of our classic black tuxes, the Roma is decidedly that “James Bond” look that screams cool, confident, and incredibly smooth all at the same time. I like it so much, coincidentally; it’s also what I’ll be wearing at my own wedding this October!

Visions: How do you choose the styles/brands for your tuxes?

Menguin: We launched Menguin with the goal that no man should ever have to visit a brick and mortar store and be subjected to a sub-par rental experience, ever again. To accomplish our mission we set out and curated the best styles that would not only offer our customers stylish flexibility both insuit/tux colors, but also fit. To that extent our collection encompasses slate grays, slate blues, creams, whites all in differing styles and fabric textures and we consistently seek to further innovate and offer ourcustomers new selection – most notably we’ll soon be launching a 2 notch grosgrain lapel tuxedo!

Visions: Tell us about a favorite memory working with a client renting a tuxedo.

Menguin: From the very beginning we knew that world class customer service was truly going to be what set us apart from our competition and we really worked hard to bake it into the Menguin DNA – from our 24/7 customer service to our express shipping of replacements and being fully inclusive of all our customers’ needs. While we’ve had a ton of great customer interactions – my favorite happens to be one where we were able to do all of these for a customer who was in a major bind. He had scheduled his wedding with a major competitor and been told 3 weeks before hand that they wouldn’t be able to fulfill his order for himself and his 12 groomsmen. He was very distraught and incredibly stressed as it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to have tuxes for what would be the biggest day of his life. Within 10 minutes of his calling us, our customer service team had been able to confirm availability for his tuxes, helped him create his event and personally reached out to all of his wedding party to collect their details so we could expedite the process. He had a great wedding free of any tuxedo snafus and loved his experience with us. I credit this completely to our hard working customer service team that goes above and beyond on every order and customer interaction and it’s something we’ll always make sure is a focus at Menguin.

Visions: Besides renting a perfect-fitting tux, what little-known details should grooms/groomsmen pay attention to before the big day?

Menguin: Great question! I’m a huge believer in the little detailing that truly make the perfect wedding tux come together. This means neatly folded and ironed clothes, a well placed pocket square, an eye catching lapel flower, smart looking tie bar and of course a well fitting jacket and pants to really tie the look together and give the entire party that timeless aspect.

Visions: With so many incredible style and color options that Menguin offers it is easy to get overwhelmed when narrowing down options. What advice can your stylists give to brides or grooms who are having trouble narrowing down their ideas?

Menguin: You’re absolutely right – with over 3.5 million color combinations (and growing) that we offer – it can be incredibly tough to narrow things down especially with online resources giving customers a ton of ideas. The overwhelming consensus among our stylists when I asked them this question, was keep it simple. It’s easy to get caught up in certain patterns and certain fads – but at the end of the day what you wear on your wedding day is something you’ll be looking back at in photos for the rest of your life – and I can tell you the old adage “black never goes out of style” is overwhelmingly true for weddings.

Visions: What book should all men read before their wedding?

Menguin: While not necessarily a book on marriage – I have found Give and Take by Adam Grant to be an incredible resource for how we should live our lives, not only personally but professionally. He really goes out of his way to demonstrate that givers – truly are advantaged in overall life satisfaction. And so often in marriage – what we give to the relationship will very often outweigh what he hope to take or get from the it.

Visions: What is your hidden talent?

Menguin: Growing up, my dad owned his own construction company and generally speaking on weekends he’d always be down a few workers, which led to my spending my Saturdays learning all kinds of things like plumbing, masonry and woodworking. So I suppose that my “hidden talent” is that I can actually be quite handy with a hammer and a wrench!

Visions: Your websitementions that Menguin will soon offer tuxedos for purchase. What else can we look forward to seeing from Menguin?

Menguin: While we just took our first foray into the world of for purchase with an intro line of accessories we’re going to be carrying (bowties, ties and pocket squares) we’re planning to fully expand into all kind of accessories verticals that our customers are asking for us to provide them from lapel flowers, to tie bars to cool socks. That’s Menguin v2.0. In the future I see us completely revolutionizing how men rent and purchase formal wear by leveraging technology and a perfect fit to give them what they want – before they even know they want it.

Be sure to check out Menguin for some of the best and only rental tux’s on the market!

Vendors We Love - MenguinVendors We Love - MenguinVendors We Love - MenguinVendors We Love - MenguinVendors We Love - Menguin

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