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Valentine’s Day Proposal | The Worst Day To Pop The Question

The ring is burning a hole in your pocket, I get it.  Valentine’s Day is of course the most romantic hallmark holiday of the year, so isn’t it the BEST day to propose?

NO!  It’s very simple and very clear.

It is the exact day that she is expecting you to propose.

Is it one of the highest proposal dates of the year, so this is the day she is expecting it will happen.  This is the day when all men across the world decide to profess their love and ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Happy Valentines Day

But that’s not what we are shooting for here, is to be like everyone else and follow suite in mediocre at best.

Your proposal should be unique, it should represent who you are as a couple AND it shouldn’t be on a day that the entire world tells you you should propose.

The most important reason NOT to propose on Valentine’s Day...THE SURPRISE FACTOR IS GONE.

You may or may not have had “the talk”, she may or may not have picked out her own ring, but if you propose on Valentine’s Day there is NO SURPRISE FACTOR at all.

I have been planning proposals for over six years and I’m telling you women want to be surprised.  They are sneaking and they have their radar on high alert but they do want it to come out of nowhere when they least expect it.

That is the the number one thing that men say is the most important thing for the big moment, that she doesn’t see it coming.

I’m sorry to say you would be better off crushing her heart, taking her out to dinner at a romantic restaurant to tease her and propose on February 15th with a proposal that is fitting for what you want it to be, a SURPRISE.

Step outside the box and stop thinking that you have to keep up with status quo on big life decisions like proposing to your girlfriend.

Choose a date that can be a date for the two of you to remember forever, not a holiday everyone celebrates.

If you are looking for ideas on winter proposal ideas, you can check out a few blog posts we put together or you can give us a call and we can run through some ideas with you.

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