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Currently Craving – The Two Piece Wedding Gown

Classy yet trendy, this year, two piece wedding gowns are all the rage.

As I’m sure all you fashion forward brides know, the ‘crop top’ is the trend of all trends right now. Almost anytime you walk outside your house, you are almost guaranteed to see some gal rocking the look. The past couple years, they have incorporated the trend into prom dresses. But it wasn’t until recently that we noticed that it has moved far beyond prom and totally into weddings! The two piece wedding gown is still classic white and absolutely gorg, but that little peek-a-boo of tummy is the ultimate classic meets trendy bridal gown. We just love it!

two piece wedding gown

1. Michelle Boyd Photography 2. Paige Jones Photography 3. Candice Lee Bridal 4. Matt & Julie Weddings 5. Alicia Lucia Photography

If you’re considering joining in on this two piece wedding gown trend for your big day, here’s some things to keep in mind…

  • Keep It Subtle – This is your big day and these pictures are going to last a lifetime. That being said, this is a trend, so you want to keep it subtle. Not too much belly! The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to have a dress that appears inappropriately revealing.
  • It fits every style – We have seen the two piece wedding gown in every style wedding, so it’s perfect for whatever style you’re going for. As you can see above, the dress can be used for Bohemian, Classic, Romantic, you name it!
  • Reception Change – Pros of purchasing this two piece gown is that it saves you money on an outfit change for the reception. Tons of brides these days prefer to have something a little more comfortable to dance around in after the “I-do’s”, and tons of these gowns are sold with an interchangeable shorter skirt. That way, you can still look like the gorgeous bride in her gorgeous dress, but you will be able to comfortably enjoy the rest of your night.

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