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The Engagement Journey | THE RING

The Ring…the single most important part of your proposal and the most symbolic part of your wedding. 

I’m so excited about our new blog series called “The Engagement Journey” which tells the entire story of a Visions Event Studio couple as they chose the perfect ring, planned their progressive proposal (yes this is a thing) and had their dream wedding.

It always starts with the ring, the moment the gentleman knows she is the one, the first thought isn’t how am I going to propose, it’s “What ring do I get her?” “What is her dream ring?” “Do I even know where to start?” These are all common questions that men have and we are here to help answer those questions.

Finding a ring in Chicago can get a bit tricky when you have jewelers row (many have traveled down this road only to be disappointed) then you have the mom and pop jewelers that carry every line imaginable and then you have Blue Nile. 

A company that prides itself on their brand promise which I love.

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I wanted to work on a post that would help our readers with some useful tips, helpful hints and clues into finding the perfect ring. A couple that bought their rings from Blue Nile came to mind. They were perfect because I planned their proposal as well as assisted with their wedding needs.

I wanted to include their experience in working with Blue Nile and their journey from THE RING to THE PROPOSAL to THE WEDDING. Cory and Marcus were more than helpful in answering a few questions for us.


Photo By: Dana Ann Photographyh

Marcus: Did you shop for the rings together before purchasing them?

We did not. At one point she had mentioned that she liked the “classic” look so I took that and ran with it. I now know that she was referring to the solitaire style.

How did you know what engagement ring to pick for the bride?

She didn’t want a flashy engagement ring so I knew to keep it simple. We discussed her style at one point before I started planning the engagement though (a year prior to purchasing the ring).

Cory:Describe your engagement/wedding ring style?

My engagement ring and wedding style is simple. I knew I wanted an engagement ring with a simple band and a beautiful diamond; I didn’t want anything that would take away from the diamond itself. I had a similar vision for my band, which was a row of small diamonds that would add some extra dazzle to the combination without being too distracting. I also wanted something that would I could wear as a stand alone without the engagement ring if needed. 

How do your rings represent your relationship?

I think the rings reflect our relationship because they are classic and timeless, and something that I know I’ll love forever and never get tired of. I like to think our relationship is similar. Nothing flashy or gimmicky, just something beautiful and made to last. 

Now that we know how Marcus and Cory shopped for their rings and how much it reflects who they are let’s switch gears on how you can get help to select the perfect ring

Quick Tips to Picking Out an Engagement Ring

Be Inspired by Your Partner’s Jewelry

Unless they’ve told you something different, your partner likely wants something that matches their jewelry style already. Takenote of the kind of jewelry they already own and find common themes. Some specifics to look out for are: metals, stones, and style. Likely, your significant other prefers gold or silver over the other. Out of everything,this is the most important. They will want something that can be worn with their other silver or gold jewelry. Your fiance-to-be may also have a stone,like diamonds or pearls, they may prefer. You can use that as a pointer for what engagement ring to buy. Lastly, see what kind of style jewelry they wear.Is it minimal or extravagant? This may decide whether you buy the single stone ring or one with an intricate band.


Once you know the style you want, the next thing  to do is start with the budget. You don’t have to spend 3 months salary on thering. There are no rules for pricing. The best recommendation is to spend whatever matches your budget. With so many options to choose from, it can get very overwhelming. Online shopping with jewelers, like Blue Nile, makes its uper easy to find well priced high quality engagement rings.Stick to your pricing and you will the perfect ring to propose to your significant other!

Ask a Friend

Your partner probably told a friend about their ideal engagement ring. The proposal is a moment they’ve pictured since they were young. This includes their perfect engagement ring. Before buying, it doesn’t hurt to ask a friend or family member if you’re going in the right direction. An engagement ring is very important because it symbolizes the love and connection you have with another so it’s definitely a good idea to get a second opinion. You can even take the friend ring shopping with you! This is a great way to get to know each other and make sure you’re making the right choice. You might even get brownie points with your fiance-to-be.

Here is a free downloadable guide from Blue Nile for you to use in planning your proposal!


Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s THE PROPOSAL…

Photo by Dana Ann Photography

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