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Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

So, you’re ready to pop the question… We have tons of Thanksgiving Proposal ideas for you to pull off your perfect proposal.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and let’s face it every girl pretty much dreams of getting proposed to around the holidays. The holidays are a special time to celebrate how thankful you are for everything in your life, but most importantly it’s a time to celebrate her.  We wanted to give you some practical ideas for a Thanksgiving Proposal.

To pull off the most beautiful Thanksgiving proposal, you must be popping the question to a girl who loves her family more than anything. One who adores the turkey, the cocktails, and the loud family conversations. If this sounds anything like your fiancé-to-be, then what better time to propose than when she is surrounded by the ones she loves?

Top Ideas for creating the perfect Thanksgiving Day Proposal:

 First off, make your Thanksgiving Day attendance a surprise!

Yes it will break her heart, but it’ll end up being the best day of her life. After she knows you will not be there, then the fun part comes. You need all hands on deck to make sure everyone will be involved in the special day.

Hire a proposal planner!

A proposal planner can help incorporate all the planning before hand, get the family involved and ensure all details are in place so you can relax.

Rent a private lake house on Lake Galena. (Check out the most adorable lake house we found)

What better way to pop the big question that to whisk her and her entire family away for the holiday. What could be more romantic than spending time together on a private lake for the holidays?

 To make sure this works you are going to need the perfect cover up.  

Have her parents in on the secret, you will need to do some prep work ahead of time for a wonderful “Thankful Scavenger Hunt” which leads her right to you.  Cut little hearts out of red and pink paper, each heart write something on it of how much you love her, and how much you can’t live without her.  These “clues” should have her go from one place to another around the lake house so the scavenger hunt effect is in full swing. Getting the family involved her is perfect, have them hand them to her or guide her to each one.

Now this wouldn’t be perfect if you didn’t have a proposal photographer added in the mix.  

With all the details you have put into this idea you will want someone capturing her feelings as she gets each heart note from you.

 As for dinner, hire a personal chef.

This is your day too, and you want to relax and enjoy this luxurious 4-course meal as a newly engaged couple!  Only the finest bottle of champagne and a turkey cooked to perfection will do for you two after she says, “I Do!”

 Bringing decor to the proposal is always the one final touch she will never forget.

Have the planner bring together a very romantic look with candlelight and flowers to add to the dinner table. These final touches really show the effort you put into making this the most special day of her life, and definitely won’t go unnoticed by her.

Have a boat sitting and waiting for her as she approaches… que tears, you are proposing!

Have blankets prepared, hot cocoa in thermos’, and a photographer hidden in the background to help capture one of the most important moments of her life. This is the location where you make your appearance. She will have absolutely no idea what is going on until she see’s you, then all of this comes together. You drop to one knee with the lake’s sunset gleaming behind you and ask her those 4 special words, “Will You Marry Me?”

A Thanksgiving proposal not only reminds her that she is everything you are thankful for, but it will mean more to her that her family was there to share her moment.

If you are ready looking for more Thanksgiving proposal ideas contact Visions, Chicago’s premier luxury proposal planner, today!

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