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Did your Dream Guy Propose Yet?

Proposal season is upon us and yet you may not have a ring on your finger.  What can we do about that? Well, first off don't stress!   Guys typically drag their feet, not because they ... READ the POST

The Engagement Journey | The PROPOSAL

The Proposal is one of the biggest days of a man's life. It's the day that he has decided I can't live without her, she is my one and only and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. But ... READ the POST

The Engagement Journey is a series we are going through with a couple that we assisted with the proposal as well as the wedding. We are so excited to share the journey through their perspective.

The Engagement Journey | THE RING

The Ring...the single most important part of your proposal and the most symbolic part of your wedding.  I'm so excited about our new blog series called "The Engagement Journey" which tells the ... READ the POST

Winter Proposal | The Art Gallery

Ahmed knew he wanted a winter proposal, check...he also knew he wanted to display their lives through photos, enter in the Art Gallery Proposal. When I first started working with Ahmed, he made it ... READ the POST

Spoiler Alert: If You Have Reservations At This Hotel You Are Definitely Getting Proposed To

As I was planning a proposal recently the hotel manager reaches over and whispers in my ear...everyone knows that if you have reservations here you are getting proposed to, this is the proposal hot ... READ the POST

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