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Sunday Brunch Weddings

For a new twist on a classic, consider having your wedding on a Sunday morning! A Sunday brunch ceremony is the newest trend in weddings.

Have you ever dreamed of having bacon and waffles on your wedding day? Are you more of a morning person than a night owl? Do you want to stand out from the myriad of summer weddings? Then a Sunday brunch wedding is the wedding trend for you!

Having your wedding on a Sunday has so many perks. Because most weddings take place on a Saturday, venues are often available at a lower price point. For couples with a short engagement, getting married on a Sunday is a great way to increase the odds that luxury vendors will be available on your wedding day. Having your wedding on a Sunday morning also means that your guests won’t have to take off work Monday, which is a major factor in keeping your guests happy! During peak wedding season, when it seems like there’s a wedding every weekend, a Sunday wedding helps you to stand out from the crowd!

Sunday Brunch

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There are so many possibilities with a wedding on a Sunday morning. First and most obvious, breakfast!! Offer your guests a magnificent breakfast bar, complete with coffee station, bottomless bellinis, mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s, and even a waffle wedding cake! Breakfast food is cheaper than dinner plates, yet are just as delicious. With Sunday brunch becoming a weekly occasion for more and more people, your guests will adore the different food options!

Sunday brunch weddings are also perfect for a more laid-back day that has all the elegance and glamour you want in your wedding. A tea-length wedding dress is perfect for a day wedding. Light fabrics, tulle, and a simple silhouette will add to the romantic affair. There’s no need for dramatic uplighting or LED lights, sunshine is all you need to create once in a lifetime photos. Sunday brunch weddings are also perfect for laid-back couples who prefer great conversation over dancing the night away. Sunday brunch weddings naturally don’t have as much of a party atmosphere, letting couples forgo a dance floor if they deem it unwanted.

For couples who want to save a few on their big day, never skip breakfast, or want a laid-back affair that brings the romance, Sunday brunch is the perfect wedding theme.

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