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Summer Boho Wedding Inspiration Board

Attention boho brides! We curated this wedding inspiration board just for you because of your eclectic taste and free-spirited ideas.

Muted tones combined with boho styles create the ideal inspiration for your summer wedding.

The color palette is the one thing that can make or break your wedding design. We decided on these tones because they create a cohesive color scheme that ensures you achieve the bohemian style you’re hoping for. 

Summer boho wedding board featuring Pantone colors Burnt Henna, Peach Bud, and Gardenia

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Burnt Henna is a bold color that can be found in a snap, especially on beautiful artisan rugs, perfect for your ceremony.

We brought in the Gardenia shade because it is the foundation of the bohemian style. Showcasing a beautiful tapestry or wall hanging is a sure way to put the bohemian style at the forefront of your wedding.

Peach Bud is the perfect option for all things floral. The shade is muted enough that it won’t detract from the other elements of your wedding while maintaining that boho vibe you’re aiming for.

We chose these colors to inspire you in your eclectic style because they can be found in most boho weddings.

The bold yet muted shades of burgundy, cream, and peach make for a cohesive bohemian outdoor wedding, perfect for any season, especially summer, but they work for the fall as well!

Here’s how to use these colors in a practical way to infuse them into your wedding details:


Alright, this might be my absolute favorite part! This color combination will help create depth and an eclectic feel to your summer boho wedding.

  • Imagine a bouquet consisting of cream, burgundy, and peach flowers, with a hint of subtle orange or wheat flowing over your hands and down in front of you.
  • Bringing in a custom-made geometric-shaped arch with cream and peach floral arrangements flowing down the sides for your ceremony backdrop will be an unforgettable statement.
  • One of our favorite elements of the bohemian style is a simple naked cake with white frosting and gorgeous peach flowers displayed using a macrame hanger.


  • Ok ladies, it is time to break tradition. Although we love the traditional white wedding gown, we are also IN LOVE with the idea of a wedding gown with embroidered floral details.

Utilizing this color scheme will provide guidance for you to stay on the right track while planning your boho wedding. All you boho-brides-to-be out there will find it easy to move forward with your design concepts when using this color scheme.

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Come back next week for our Etsy Find of the Week. We found a shop that specializes in boho-style tapestries and macrame backdrops that you are sure to love!

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