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State Street Jewelers Associate Spotlight: Louise

The Visions Collective is something that we have worked very hard to make sure it consists of the best of the best. We enjoy not only recommending their services to our clients, but getting to know each company on a more personal level.

As some of your may know, State Street Jewelers holds a very special place in the Visions Collective. Being a wedding and proposal planning company, we know that buying the ring is a major part of your happily ever after. That’s why having a helpful and friendly sales associate assisting you in that process is such an important factor. At State Street Jewelers they really go above and beyond in making sure every person that walks through their doors is helped to the best of their abilities, and that is why we adore them!

We have been speaking with employees from State Street to get to know their staff members individually. For our next State Street Jewelers Associate Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce to you, Louise! She has been with the company for 15 years now and truly has a love for what she does.

Louise - state street

Meet Louise Aughnay…

Visions: Take us through your typical day at the office.

Louise: There isn’t a typical day at work for me. Each is different and makes it exciting. There are some regular activities that I do. We start the morning with setting up all the jewelry in the cases, cleaning glass and mirrors before opening the doors. We help the patrons with their needs: call and let them know when their pieces are ready, check the repairs and work with each client that comes in the store. I also work on getting donations ready for all the local charities. Also, I try to acknowledge customers’ birthdays and anniversaries and contact them about of pieces on their wish lists. At the end of the day we remove all the jewelry from the cases.

Visions: We can’t help but celebrate you and your 15 years with State Street! Tell us more about why you love what you do?

Louise: Mine is a love job! We get to share in the romance and celebration of peoples lives. Many have become good friends. It is wonderful to be a part of creating memories and hearing their life stories through the pieces of jewelry they bring in, especially charm bracelets.

Visions: What is the most memorable moment you have thus far selling jewelry?

Louise: A memorable jewelry moment is when I am able to go to Antwerp to hand select diamonds from the diamond cutters to complete a memory for a one of our clients. The artistry of diamond cutting is amazing. On my first trip I was able to see diamonds of all colors.

Visions: So, we know that you love jewelry. But, what are you passionate about outside the office? What can we find you doing in your free time?

Louise: I am passionate about my family and friends. Outside of the store I love to travel, do charity work, spend time with friends/family, bake, play bridge, do Sudoku puzzles and knit.

Visions: You see and assist in many proposals, but what has been your favorite?

Louise: Most memorable proposal was in the store on Valentines Day. The young man had us type “will you marry me?” on the tag of the engagement ring. She was trying some on and came to that one and was stunned. We were all in on it took pictures and screamed, etc. The customer included all of us in the proposal.

Visions: If you had the opportunity to create your own piece of jewelry, what designer would you like to collaborate with and what would you make?

Louise: I have been fortunate to recently have a ring made by the State Street designers with input from Hearts on Fire and an Antwerp blue star shaped diamond. Truly beautiful!

Visions: What was your first job out of school and how did it lead you to State Street Jewelers?

Louise: After college my first job was teaching in an elementary school. It was another love job that prepared me to work with people and be creative. I am so happy to have had these types of “LOVE” jobs.

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