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Spoiler Alert: If You Have Reservations At This Hotel You Are Definitely Getting Proposed To

As I was planning a proposal recently the hotel manager reaches over and whispers in my ear…everyone knows that if you have reservations here you are getting proposed to, this is the proposal hot spot.

It was such an interesting thought as a proposal planner, as I go out of my way to plan custom proposals for all of my clients that I would never want to choose the “proposal spot” in town but apparently London House is that spot.

I’m not telling you this because I’m giving brides-to-be a heads up, I’m writing this to tell you-the man looking for the perfect place to propose in Chicago, you may not want to choose the most well known proposal location, just saying.

In both of the proposals that we planned at London House neither bride knew this well kept secret and so all was well with the big surprise.  

But boys I’m telling you, you have to be in the know and if Chicago’s Proposal Planner ™ wasn’t in the know that’s a problem. 

I’m coming clean for your benefit so that you don’t stumble upon this gorgeous hotel and think it’s “the perfect proposal location”, book the hotel and then excitedly tell your girlfriend where you will be spending the weekend.  Only to find out that her girlfriends gave her the scoop right when the words London House came out of her mouth.

Doing any research on a venue is important and of course knowing the hot spots in Chicago to propose, hiring a proposal planner will help eliminate the possibility of her finding out you are getting down on one knee before it even happens. 

Photos by: Dana Ann Photography

Check back for PART 2 of the Spoiler Alert plus a huge tip on how not to let the surprise out of the bag.

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