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Something Old

Incorporating something old into your wedding is just as important as the something new, used, and blue! But where do you start?

Wedding traditions tend to get a little cheesy, we can all admit. But one that has never gone out of style is “something old, something new, something used, and something blue”. It is a tradition that is subtle, yet meaningful, and can be done in so many ways. What’s great about adding that “old” piece to your wedding is that it doesn’t cost a dime! It’s your chance to take one of your favorite accessories from college, or your mom’s vintage décor she handed down to you, to make the tradition complete.something old

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Now, we know that “something old” might seem easy when it comes to adding it to your wedding. But we couldn’t help ourselves in creating our very own list of ways you can add it – ways that are different and out of the box than your typical “lucky bracelet”. After our list was complete, and the pencils were set down, we noticed that some of our best ideas involved embracing family past.

Here’s how we thought you can add “something old” to even the most glamorous of weddings…

1. Put old family photos on display: What better way to embrace your families tradition than showing off their wedding photos? Put up pictures of your parents, grandparents, and hey, even your great grandparents on their wedding days. Both sides of the family will love it, and you can check “something old” off your list!

2. Grandma’s Wedding Ring: This is a tradition on its own. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count! Often times, yours or his grandmother will give you their ring so they are a part of you forever. It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that.

3. Mom’s wedding hairpiece: …or any item from her wedding actually. Your mom has been there for you through thick and thin. And when she sees you walk down to your future, nothing will make her happier than seeing that you took a part of her with you.

4. Vintage Pearls: Every gal loves a good set of pearls. Not to mention, they are a wedding staple! They wont ever go out of style (Unlike those puffy sleeves your mom had at her wedding, yuck!). So digging up that old chain of beautiful pearls and dusting them off isn’t such a shabby idea.

5. …and a sixpence in her shoe: An old form of British currency, sure. But also known to be the best of luck. There are so many ways to incorporate the sixpence in your wedding. But to carry the luck with you, place it in your fashionable heels so you can strut down that isle with not only luck, but the best wishes following you the whole way.

Something old? Done and done! Visions adores this wedding tradition, and it is one we always recommend. Don’t know where to go from here? Not only can we help you with all of this and more at your wedding, but keep your eye out for more of our ideas on this tradition! We have tons of inspiration for something blue, new and used!

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