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Something Borrowed

You know you are supposed to include something borrowed into your wedding according to traditional rules. But what’s something you can borrow that still fits your style?

Something borrowed is actually a gift in disguise because it’s entirely free (and who can complain about that?) I’ll admit it can get challenging because as a bride and a woman, it’s our natural instinct to want everything shiny new. Between your parents, your besties, your siblings, and the rest of the fam, someone’s got to have something you’ve had your eye on. Something borrowed will seem easy after these ideas we’ve drawn up for you!

something borrowed

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I’ll be honest, at first, we came up with borrowing a dress and borrowing shoes. But in reality, that’s unoriginal. There are way more creative ways you can incorporate this tradition into your wedding and we just cant wait to share them with you.

How to find the perfect “Something Borrowed”…

1. The perfect pair of earrings: Between all the females in your life, someone is bound to have a pair of earrings that would be just right for you. When you already have jewelry to purchase, you might as well save on the earrings! A pair of pearls or a subtle diamond are classic and almost all girls have them.

2. That luxurious perfume you can’t afford right now: For me, it’s Chanel No. 5. I love it. But let’s face it; right now it’s just not in the budget. But I know a lot of my friends wear it and would be happy to share! Pick one of those to-die-for perfumes and complete your bridal beauty with a little spritz.

3. Mom’s wedding garter: Maybe her dress just wasn’t for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I mean if your mom was anything like my mom on her wedding day, then she wore those huge puffy sleeves (fashion crime), and she can’t blame you that styles change! So make it just as meaningful and use her garter.

4. A watch for your man: Who says you can’t put this part of the tradition on your man? A watch is a great thing to borrow because the groom could use a little bling anyways!

5. Dad’s vintage getaway car: If you’re lucky enough to have a dad cool enough to have one of those amazing convertibles from back in the day, that is the perfect thing to borrow. Not only is it absolutely stylin’, but you need a getaway car anyways and this is much cheaper than that Hummer limo you were planning on renting.

Told you that Something Borrowed would be able to fit your style and still complete the tradition. Be sure to check out the ideas for Something Blue, Something New, and Something Old, too!

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