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Something Blue

A classic wedding tradition that will stand the test of time; Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something oh so blue.

It was one of the first wedding phrases you probably ever heard as a little girl and have been planning to follow the beautiful tradition ever since. The first three items may be easy to add to your attire without becoming a distraction, but some may struggle deciding where exactly to add that something blue. But there are more places to add the fun loving color than you think!

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We had ourselves a little brainstorming session (a warm cup of coffee and blueberry muffin included) to find some of the best ways to add blue to your all white ensemble. We came to realize how great a color it is for all seasons! There isn’t a month on the calendar that a little blue wouldn’t look great with. Which is why we felt it be a need to share with you our findings.

Here are some creative ways to add blue to your wedding in an elegant and classy style…

1. A Ribbon Around Your Waist – Tied in a perfect little bow around your waist, the blue ribbon you choose will definitely be the perfect final touch. Thick ribbon to make a statement or thin for subtle but noticeable. And what girl doesn’t love all things ribbons and bows?

2. Blue In Your Bouquet – If you do not want to add any blue to your attire, your bouquet is a perfect place to get the job done. I personally believe that a bouquet full of blue hydrangeas, poppies, or forget me not’s is flawless. A light blue flower never goes out of style! Otherwise, find one blue flower and stick it in the bouquet of your choice.

3. Your fashion forward heels – If you are one that wants to stick to tradition but doesn’t really want blue to show anywhere, then this is the perfect idea for you. Considering your dress covers your shoes anyways, you can add blue without anyone even knowing.

4. Put It On Your Man – Who says blue can only be worn on the bride? The tradition just says you need something blue! A gorgeous blue tie and pocket square on your groom will suffice just fine.

5. The Signature Cocktail – Every wedding has a signature drink, and that drink tends to be something unique (aka a great area for something blue to appear). Not to mention that the list of blue cocktail options are endless on Pinterest.

6. Morning Of Robe – Speaking of Pinterest, I am sure you have all seen the trend of having you and all your maids in custom silk robes for your beauty session. Have your besties in whichever color you choose, and put yourself in a pale blue robe for a comfy and relaxed something blue. Then be pampered away!

7. Bridesmaids Dresses – Instead of covering yourself with blue, surround yourself with it while you are up saying your I-do’s. Long or short, a fun blue dress is always girly and charming.

Cross that ‘something blue’ off you checklist ladies! We have fallen head over heels for all of these something blue ideas for your wedding day and we hope you love them too. Your bridal style is just as unique as you are; so whichever route you choose to take with blue, make it entirely you.

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