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Should You Do A First Look?

How long is too long to surprise your anxious, handsome groom with your gorgeous gown and first look moment?

Up until now, the dress, hairstyle, and makeup have all been kept a tightly wound secret that you’re dying to showcase. The big question is should you participate in a sneak peak featuring bride and groom or keep it traditional and wait until all eyes are on you walking down the aisle?

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It all depends on personal preference, after all today is all about YOU!  The traditional “wait until the walk” moment has been the trend since forever but the intimate first look between only the bride and groom is special as well.

Tradition is Timeless

  • Rule of Thumb- The groom isn’t allowed at the countless dress fittings, nor is he entitled to view any photos of the dress prior to the big day. So what will a couple more hours hurt? The anticipation is the best part!
  • Girl Talk- The morning of your big day should be focused on time spent getting ready with your girls. After all, they will be up there cheering you on (and sobbing) by your side. Cherish every last bit of your single ladies time because after today you’ll be a married woman!
  • That Look- Nothing beats the priceless reaction of witnessing your family, friends, but most importantly your groom’s utter happiness all at once. Take it all in because this only happens once in a lifetime!

First Look Pros

  • Plenty of time for pictures before the ceremony!  Photographers and videographers love being able to see the bride and groom beforehand and not have to rush through pictures once the ceremony is complete.
  • You get to ENJOY your cocktail hour with your guests instead of taking pictures the entire time!

There are so many pluses to a first look, however there is no better picture perfect moment then seeing the groom’s reaction when his bride approaches the aisle. After all, doesn’t everyone turn to face the man glowing with pure bliss upon the arrival?

Whatever choice you decide to make is up to you, Visions wedding planning is here to help you take the first step in the long road that eventually leads up to that aisle.

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