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Romantic Proposals – The Numbers Don’t Lie

26% of women say they wished their wedding proposal was more romantic

Men want to know what women want and I am here to tell you – the answer is romantic proposals. Recently TheKnot and Men’s Health issued a survey on wedding proposals. They specifically asked how the bride-to-be responded after the proposal. Their reactions were mixed.romantic proposals - the numbers don't lie

Rebecca Dolgin, executive editor of, called the statistic “kind of sad,” adding people can get carried away with proposal plans when the actual act of popping the question is spectacular on its own.

“It certainly is just one single moment, so you can have a lot of hopes and expectations,” said Dolgin. “It’s not something you have a rehearsal for.”

Dolgin suspects knowing ahead of time — like 67 per cent of the women surveyed in November 2010 survey said they did — can give women “heightened anticipation,” which can bring on a letdown.

No engagement tales were shared in the survey, but Dolgin was with her husband for eight years before he proposed, and she anticipated the moment for three years.

“Every time he wanted to do anything, whether it was go on a vacation or walk the dog, I thought, ‘This is it,’ ” she said. “You’re anticipating the moment at any second.”



  •  34% said yes to asking for permission from their partner’s father before proposing
  •  76%  said they planned the proposal themselves
  •  76% said it’s traditional, proper to propose on bended knee
  •  Celebrity proposal: 26% would propose to Jessica Alba

The women

  • 33% said proposing with no ring is the biggest mistake
  • 42% said partners should ask for their father’s permission   (21% said both parents)
  • 49% said proposing on bended knee is essential (9% said it is corny and outdated)
  • Celebrity proposal: 43% would say yes to Jake Gyllenhaal

The numbers don’t lie, romantic proposals are key to winning her heart. Women love to be swooned and if they are going to feel swooned on any days, it should be the day of their proposal and the day of their wedding.

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