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Romantic Meets Modern Weddings Style 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year

Illuminating + Ultimate Gray a Romantic Meets Modern Bride’s Best Friend!

Pantone knocked it out of the park this year, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray are a match made in heaven!

Still cautious about the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year? You won’t be after we are done telling you exactly why these colors are perfect for your upcoming Romantic Meets Modern wedding.

1. This Modern Romance Photography 2. Cameron Ingalls Photography 3. Tara McMullen Photography 4. Kitty Fried Photography 5. Marina Milaslavskaia

These colors were chosen to convey a message of strength and hopefulness for the upcoming year.

But before we walk you through the Pantone Colors of the Year and how to incorporate them into a Romantic Meets Modern wedding, let’s talk about the Pantone Color System itself and how important it is when planning your wedding.

The Pantone Color System the Hidden Gem of Wedding Planning

Yes, you read that right.

The tool that you didn’t even know existed is going to be something that you will rely heavily on in the design stages of your wedding.

The Pantone Color System is a color matching system, which is used widely throughout the design world. Whether it’s fashion, floral, or weddings they all rely on the Pantone Color System.

A perfect example of the Pantone Color System coming in handy would be the hot color trend of rust. If a bride were to walk into a florist and ask for rust accents in their arrangments that could turn out a number of different ways. But, if a bride walks in with the Pantone Color number for the exact hue they are looking for, the florist will be able to get the exact shade a bride is looking for.

Many brides when picking their color pallet find it difficult to keep their chosen colors consistent.

When we go to create inspiration boards for our brides we use the Pantone Color System. We do this by going to Pantone’s website, going to the color finder, picking the color you want, and copying the name or number. 

Once you pick your Pantone colors you now can provide your wedding planner, venue, guests, etc… with the exact name or number of your colors, and rest easy knowing all of your colors will match.

Romance Meets Modern Wedding Style Marries the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year

Romantic wedding style is delicate, feminine, and luxurious. Styled with barely-there colors, soft lighting, and ethereal details. There are some brides though that want to add a modern twist to the romantic style, and that is where Romantic Meets Modern wedding style is born. 

Adding modern elements like metallic writing on the place cards or pops of color, as we show in our inspiration board floral arrangments, adds some of the modern touches the romantic modern-day bride wishes for on her big day.   

When many think of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating it reminds them of the 2013 craze of Yellow and Grey, Chevron, and all things outdated. But, I am here to tell you that these two colors when styled correctly can be Romantic and Modern.

Let’s get into the details of how we can make that show through in every part of your wedding.

The Flowers

Flowers are one of the best ways to incorporate color into your wedding. You can add it to your own bouquet, the centerpieces, the floral decor, and even boutonnieres. A few examples of flowers you can use to incorporate Illuminating into the decor are Yarrow, Begonias, Ranunculus, Goldenrod, Craspedia, and Irises.

These flowers are in season at different times and you should know what flowers are in season when you are planning your wedding.

  • Fall is Begonia season
  • Winter is Ranunculus season
  • Spring is Iris season
  • Summer is Yarrow, Goldenrod, and Craspedia season

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your bouquets and floral decor. 

Your cake can be a perfect opportunity to create an amazing and eye-catching floral display. Just like how our inspiration board shows a simple elegant cake surrounded by a wreath Yarrow, you can use your favorite flowers to accent your cake and make more fun and unique display. 

The boutonnieres, for example, many people find are difficult to come up with something that is unique. One example to take Illuminating and make an eye-catching boutonniere would be to combine a Craspedia, some foliage, and wrap it in a leather cord. 

You can get as creative as you want here and feel free to let your imagination run wild. Think of a custom floral arch, or a bridal bouquet bursting with Begonias and greenery.

The Tablescape 

Your tablescape is one of the most important design aspects of the wedding. It is also the perfect place to incorporate the Pantone Colors of the Year. 

The first thing your guests do after they witness your I dos, is sit down at their tables, and when they sit down what are they looking at?

You want to make sure that the focal point of your table is not just the centerpieces. Think of your tablescape as all of the pieces your guests are going to experience. As you design your table put yourself in the seat of your guest to really envision what they are going to touch and see.

Our inspiration board gives a perfect example of a Romantic meets Modern tablescape with Illuminating and Space Gray. They achieved this design by creating bright colorful floral centerpieces. They created this stunning arrangement with a handful of yellow flowers and then a multitude of greenery to break up the color. This creates a lush romantic floral arrangement while still having that modern flare. 

Some of the best tablescape ideas are those that are the most unexpected. You can create an impressive, unique tablescape by thinking outside of the box in terms of details and textures. For example, mixing up your textures creates an interesting and unique table. You can use a silk table runner on an exposed wood table and create an eye-catching base for your table while having that romantic and modern flare.

The creativity doesn’t have to end there. 

Look for interesting flatware and drinkware. Having a subtle pop, like the silver chrome glasses in the inspiration board, are a perfect way to incorporate Ultimate Gray. This also adds a unique and modern aspect to your tablescape. Another great item to have on your tables is candles. They are an amazing way to make your tablescape have that romantic feel while adding height to your centerpieces.

The Cake 

Now let’s talk wedding cakes. Everyone loves a good cake and It makes it that much better if it is eye-catching and reflects your wedding style.

For a Romantic and Modern wedding, one way to achieve this style through your wedding cake would be, have a simple tiered cake with white royal icing, then incorporate lots of flowers or greenery to the cake itself or the base, like shown in our inspiration board, to add that romantic touch. Find the flowers you like the most from your centerpieces and choose those to accent your cake.

Your cake will likely be on display before its cut and consumed. You should have a designated, well-lit table that allows the best presentation possible. This is another chance to bring in fabrics and decor from your centerpiece and add it to the table. This will make your colors and theme flow throughout your whole space.

Make It Your Own

Not sure if you are the Romantic meets, Modern bride? Not a problem! Take our Bridal Style Quiz and get a personalized response from us describing in detail exactly what kind of bride you are, and how you can incorporate your style into your big day! Your answer will be as unique and special as you are!

We hope all you brides-to-be are just as excited as we are to incorporate the Pantone Colors of the Year into our upcoming weddings!

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