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Romantic Chicago Proposals | Love Is In The Air

Love was truly in the air at this simply romantic proposal! Captivated by springtime and the beautiful city of Chicago, this couple simply couldn’t wait to share their love!

Spring and summer are the busiest times for proposals. As everyone sheds their heavy coats and heads outdoors, thousands of hopeful grooms-to-be drop to one knee. After a long winter, we here at Visions are always so thrilled to plan these incredibly romantic proposals!

One of our first warm weather proposals this year was back in April. We planned a romantic night for a lovely out-of-town couple that got engaged at a gorgeous space in downtown Chicago. When Kumar came to me back in March, I knew he wanted something over the top, but it was a question of whether or not we could pull together all of the moving parts for his elaborate plan.

Together we came up with an extravagant, Bollywood-inspired proposal to his girlfriend, Praneetha. However, just as I began to bring everything together, Kumar realized the ring was burning a hole in his pocket, and he wanted things to go faster. Most of our clients come to Visions within a week or so to plan and execute their proposals, so I completely understood! When you’re in as much love as Kumar and Praneetha, you can’t wait another minute to declare your love!

Always serving the needs of our clients, we decided to go a completely different direction with the proposal. Inspired by the soft hues of spring, we created a romantic proposal full of rose petals, candles, and the perfect backdrop. This perfect proposal location was a diamond in the ruff in downtown Chicago near the Drake Hotel. The small space was perfect for such an intimate proposal.

Although the original Bollywood-inspired proposal would have been a spectacle, we’re so happy with this simply romantic outcome. The white, pink, and red color palette was perfect for an April proposal; the whole evening as romantic as spring itself. After the proposal, we snuck into the Drake for a few images with the family as they came in from out of town just to celebrate with the happy couple! We loved how they incorporated their family into the night, while leaving the actual proposal to be between just them and their love for each other.

Congrats to Kumar and Praneetha, it was absolutely wonderful to be apart of your romantic proposal.

Thank you to M Lindsay Photography for these incredible images!


M Lindsay Photography


M Lindsay Photography



M Lindsay Photography

M Lindsay Photography

M Lindsay Photography

M Lindsay Photography


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