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How to Know If You’re Ready to Propose

Is it time for that next step? Are you ready to propose?

You know you can’t live without her, but are you ready to propose? Are you ready to become a Mr. and Mrs., an us, a we? Find out if these signs sound like you before you get down on bended knee.

are you ready to propose

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Today we focus on the three questions you should ask yourself to know if you’re ready to propose…

#1  Are you an Open Book?

There are no off-limits topics with your main squeeze. You can get real about your worries, dreams, frustrations and mess-ups without fear of being judged. You can cry when you feel like crying. In marriage, living as a 24/7 partnership, there’s no way you can keep your guard up all the time. If you and your significant other enjoy a “you can tell me anything” relationship, then that’s a great start. -E-Harmony

Is your significant other the first person you want to talk to when something happens, big or small, good or bad, funny or sad? If so, you’re definitely in the right direction to being ready to propose. A good partner should be someone you can tell anything to – they should be someone you want to tell everything to. If you tell them your news, your goals, and your secrets – you’re looking ready for proposing.


#2 Do you Fight Fair?

Every couple has conflicts. It’s how you handle them that makes the difference. If you can disagree respectfully, then your relationship is headed in the right direction. -E-Harmony

Every couple is going to have fights at some point or another. But its how you fight that defines you. Fighting fair means expressing yourself constructively. It means not kicking them when they’re down. Everyone has vulnerable areas. Even though you know your partner’s weaknesses, you don’t use them to hurt your partner. If you have gotten this down you are proposal material.


#3 Do you have Similar Values?

You both want kids. Or you both don’t want kids. You’re both savers. Or you’re both spenders. You two don’t have to share a brain – after all, part of the beauty of marriage is that you’ll complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses – but it helps to be headed in the same direction. If you already agree on the big stuff, then smaller issues, like who does the laundry, will be easier to tackle. -E-Harmony

Isn’t it amazing to be in a relationship where you both are on the same page about the important stuff? Just knowing that you don’t have to argue about the major things like kids and money and careers makes every day a little bit less stressful. A good relationship and partnership works best when you agree with each other, don’t have to stress the big issues, and complement one another. Does this sound like you? Congratulations, this is a very important thing to be when considering proposing.

Ready for more? Learn about more signs when you read parts 1 and 2 to this series. These signs are E-Harmony’s way of defining 12 ways to know for sure you should get down on one knee. Check back next week to see if you’re thinking long term and ready to walk down the aisle.

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