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Are you ready to propose?

Do you know the signs?

You know you can’t live without her, but are you ready to propose?  E-Harmony breaks down the reality of this life changing decision, into 12 very practicle ways to know for sure you should get down on one knee.

Today we will be going through the first three questions to ask yourself.

Are you ready to propose

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#1 You’ve Got it Goin on

It takes two whole people to make a whole relationship. This means you enjoy a full life with friends, family, a career and social life that fulfill you. You’re confident, and you don’t expect marriage to instantly fix your problems. -E-Harmony

Not exactly what you would think of the first check in point for proposing, but we love how they really get started with a quick glance into where you are as an individual.  You need to be a healthy strong individual before committing to a lifelong partnership with someone else.   We could write an article just on this point alone, but if you know you have things figured out solo and aren’t looking for someone else to come in and make you complete you are golden.


#2 You Enjoy the Mundane Moments

Marriage is not one long date. Being ready to get engaged means that you truly enjoy each other’s company. You’re okay with just being together sometimes, even while running errands or doing chores.-E-Harmony

As a mother of five, and being married most of my adult life, I can tell you that most of those years are mundane moments.  If you are not searching for the next thrill in life to keep you entertained you are probably ready to settle down with the one you are with.  Guys, can I just say that this usually happens all on it’s own, when you find someone that you enjoy those mundane moments with, usually it’s natural that she is the one.


#3 You’re Ready to Burn Your Little Black Book

Marriage means being exclusive with one person for the rest of your life. In many cases, it also means forsaking contact with exes and anyone else who may threaten your union. If the idea of monogamy makes you feel secure and confident in your relationship, then engagement will be a comfortable next step for you.

As much as this may seem like a given, it’s interesting that E-Harmony (we consider, one of the experts on online dating) to point this out.  Are you in a place in your life where you are looking for marriage or let’s face it you just don’t want  to be alone.  You have to be fully committed to this person and ready to dive in without a security net of a little black book as a back up.

 Check back next week to see if you truly are a team player and ready to walk down the aisle.

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