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Propose Already

It’s time to pull the trigger, the push to help you propose!

This post isn’t going to give you grandeur ideas of proposing to your girlfriend, it’s not going to list the Top 10 Proposal Ideas, it’s simple going to give you that little nudge you need to pop the question.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s day passed, and while that is one of the most romantic hallmark holidays and as much as I hate to admit it, girls have this in their mind as the d-day of proposal dates.  If it didn’t happen by Valentine’s Day, it probably isn’t happening at all.  Think of it this way, it’s like the playoffs in football, the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays are the playoffs, and the Super Bowl is Valentine’s day, you have to wait a whole year before you can get another shot at saying YES!

Propose Already

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That’s probably not how you are viewing this whole transaction, and that’s exactly how men see it, it’s a decision and needs to be planned out correctly,  no rushing, but methodical planning.  Such as how much to spend on the ring, how much to spend on the actual proposal, how much is this wedding going to cost me.  Well, we get it, but we thought you might want some insight into how that wait feels to the person on the other end.

Most of the time, woman are in the zone when a proposal is coming,  they can see it coming from a mile away.  Often men hire Visions Event Studio to assist them with cover up’s just to get them off the scent of the proposal plans.  So, with our womanly intuition we went to the internet to find what woman are feeling during this dreaded post season of V-day while they anticipate a promised proposal to come.

Sometimes I get these SUPER antsy feelings about my other half proposing that I Google and read posts to make me feel better. Oh, lord, let me tell you, I found a post of Weddingbee that just made me smile reading through all your guys’ posts.

My man told me he wants to propose by the end of the year. END OF THE YEAR?! OH MY GOD DON’T TELL ME SUCH THINGS! So now I’m like, “Proposal on my birthday?! Thanksgiving?! Christmas!?!!?!” Hahaha! A bunch of my friends are recently engaged/married and it’s driving me bonkers! I’m so tired of wondering when it’s coming, I’m so dang anxious! My lover’s friends and parents even comment about our engagement!

This of course will remain anonymous, but there you have it, they are in agony of waiting, the wait kills them.

So here’s my advice, if you have already made the life long decision to marry this woman, and the two of you have discussed this many many times, then PROPOSE ALREADY!!

Yes, we talk about making the perfect proposal, and even go as far as to say how ALL EYES ARE ON YOU, but in fact she just wants to marry you, and be MRS. XYZ.  So plan the date, get the ring, and get down on one knee…before the END OF THE YEAR!!!

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