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Proposal Planning Workspace

proposal workspace


We are thrilled to invite you to our online event management system. The design is specifically for proposal planning to stay on task and streamline communication. This has changed the way we plan and have only heard amazing reviews from our clients.

Dearest Groom-to-Be,

We are beyond excited that you have chosen Visions Event Studio for your proposal planning, to come alongside you during this wonderful time in your life.  We are truly honored and want only the best for you, from the proposal to the walk down the aisle.

Before we start planning we would love for you to acquaint yourself with the online workspace that we will be working in.

The first thing you will expect is an invite from your wedding planner to the Visions Event Studio Aisle Planner workspace.

  1. You will need to create a login and password.  We suggest your proposal date as something easy to remember.
  2. Next, you will want to bookmark the login page at Visions Event Studio’s website for easy access.  We will be using this system instead of traditional email threads to organize and streamline all of your wedding details.
  3. You will also want to start browsing the system, it’s pretty simple, but we did add a few things to give you a smooth start.
  4. Your first proposal planning call will happen within the week, so dig in and have fun!

You may have a few questions that we would love to answer!

  1. Does Aisle Planner sync with Google calendar or ical?  Yes!  We are so excited for this feature.
  2. Will I have to upload all of my information?  No, that is what we are here for!
  3. Who has access to my workspace?  Only the planners assigned to your proposal.
  4. Can I download my information in my workspace?  Absolutely, although Aisle Planner is an online hub so there is never anything to download to access the workspace, you can download all your checklists, inspiration boards, you name it and you can download it. We love paper still at Visions and every client still gets a Visions binder with all the event details, there is nothing better than online and paper collaboration!

We hope you enjoy your workspace for planning your perfect proposal!

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