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A proposal planner is much like a wedding planner. We plan an event from the very beginning of creation to executing all the details the day of. While implementing all details for a successful event.


As the groom-to-be, your involvement in this step is so important. Don’t worry though, we have streamlined this session to be quick and easy. You will be going through every detail with a Visions planner. 

Through a brainstorming session, we utilize our Groom’s Questionnaire to create a platform for our customized proposal concepts.  

We strategize with you on ideas you may already have, gather information to gain a clear perception of the two of you as a couple.  We will gain insight into such things as how you met, your favorite dates, things you enjoy doing as a couple as well as analyzing the bride-to- be’s expectations for the proposal.

This whole step is to simply collect information needed for the next phase in which all the creation takes place.


This is where the magic happens, where the whiteboard literally takes on a life of its own by the information we have collected from you. 

We conceptualize your unique proposal concept; these aren’t just ideas, they are fully planned proposals that have been designed for you and are planned out regarding logistics such as venue availability, vendor interaction, and product implementation.   

We not only come up with the where, the who, and the when, but we also come up with THE COVER-UP concepts to help with guiding your girlfriend to the proposal without her suspecting a thing.


Rest assured this plan is where you sit back and relax. With the ideas in place, the next step is to implement the final proposal concept, you can leave all the behind the scene work to Visions.

Not only do you have a timeline in place, vendors are managed, contracts negotiated and reviewed by Visions, but we are present the day of the event. What this means to you is you get to show up and look wonderful knowing that setup is complete, everyone is where they need to be and wait for your bride-to-be to arrive.

No need to worry if the flowers are going to show up on time, or if the photographer knows exactly where he is supposed to be when. You have the peace of mind knowing you have a professional planner managing all event details.



The first is for the gentleman that most importantly has the time to commit to the planning of the proposal and wants to have his hands in all the details of the proposal, or perhaps already has an idea and needs assistance in pulling it all together. We come alongside to create a proposal with one concept in mind, utilizing our brainstorming session we work together in creating the proposal you envision.



The second level we offer is a full service concept creation for your proposal. This would be for the man that does not have the time to be involved in the concept planning. We take on all ideas, details, and plans and present three unique proposals that are custom created just for you and your loved one. Choose one and Visions will move forward on all the details for you.

Both service levels include full service planning support on venue pricing negotiations as well as securing a venue, vendor recommendations from our top vendors as well as special pricing for our clients. From the cover-up, all the way to the day of Visions will be there every step of the way with both service levels.


Here are a few things to know that custom proposal planning is what you need

  • You have no idea of where to start
  • You don’t have the extra time to spend online trying to figure out what needs to be done in order to have the dream proposal you want
  • You don’t want a proposal that every other guy has done, you want something that is unique and fits who you are as a couple
  • Your ideas for the proposal include way more details than what you can pull off yourself
  • Your budget is over $1000



affordable proposal planning packages

Planning with a Professional Proposal Planner

Propose Like a Pro was born out of the idea of a service we started for our brides years ago. Bridal coaching, the idea is that brides want access to a professional, but they want to plan everything on their own.

Propose Like a Pro is exactly that, consulting with a professional proposal planner about your ideas, where we might be able to give you some ideas to tweak, things you may not have considered and help along the way.

It is also perfect for the guy that has no clue where to start and just needs a helping hand in what to do conquer first, second and then of course how to execute all the details seamlessly.

What’s Included and What’s Not

This is not a custom service as it does not include:

  • Idea Creation for proposal ideas
  • Custom Concepts unique to the two of you as a couple
  • Research for the specific venue, vendors, and all other details of the proposal
  • Planning (all of the planning is done by you)
  • Design Assistance
  • Day-of assistance

What is does include:

  • 1 Hour Consultation to brainstorm YOUR ideas with a PRO
  • Event Education Management (Part of planning, is you don’t know what you don’t know)
  • Assistance with expectations, it’s hard juggling an event that you aren’t quite sure how to navigate on your own and don’t’ even know what to expect (We bring all the things you don’t even know to ask or think about front and center before you execute one thing on your planning process)
  • Get practical advice on what might be lacking in your ideas, we will purposefully look to poke holes in your plan to see if it’s planned well enough for you to execute all details on your own without a hitch.
  • Professional knowledge of over 9 years of what not to do and best practices of a Proposal Planner
  • Venue Recommendations from our Little Black Book of Venues with contact info to the exact people you need to talk to
  • Vendor Referrals of our top-rated vendors with our negotiated Visions rate for our clients

This is suited best for the gentleman that has his ideas locked in, such as the venue, the vendors and the small details and is looking for another set of eyes to once over his plans.

Think of it more as a way for a professional to give the best advice on the plans you have or are planning for your big day. There is nothing like getting advice from the PROS to know you aren’t missing a thing.

The service is a per-hour contracted rate of $100 per hour for our time together.

There are no minimums or max on calls you can schedule but we do ask that you schedule in advance of 7 days to maximize our time together.

What’s Good