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The Proposal: Make it Personal

Okay guys, it’s time to get personal. Personal about your proposal!

There are two main events in a woman’s life which she dreams of since she was a young girl: her proposal, and her wedding. Don’t worry, this is natural for women. We call it the Knight in Shining Armor Syndrome: the day she will fall in love and you will whisk her away, a fairy tale that all women wish would happen, and while most women wouldn’t admit it, she secretly has hopes and dreams for this big day! We’re here to help you make her special moment everything she has dreamt of!

Visions has been a part of countless proposals, and just like no wedding is the same, no proposal is the same. Because every proposal is different, and we would never advise you to repeat another proposal, we have a few practical steps which can help you make your proposal personal!

Proposal Make it Personal

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How to Make it Personal:

Step 1- It’s all about the details. Think about all of the little moments the two of you have shared together. The details will be noticed far more than a proposal on a helicopter or in front of a historic landmark.

Step 2- Don’t be afraid to be sentimental. Women by nature love to look back on all of the firsts. Whether it’s the first date, the first kiss, or the first vacation you two booked together, they’re all about taking her back to the way they made her feel.

Step 3- Read her mind. We know, this can sometimes be an impossible task. We have confidence that you’ll know exactly how she wants to feel during the proposal, and that you’ll also know exactly what would make her feel that way. Bring her inner thoughts to life through your proposal.

Practical Application:

We didn’t want to leave you guys with just some steps, we also wanted to give you some inspiration of how to make the proposal personal. Here’s an example of how one of our grooms made his proposal one in a million for his fiancé.

One major detail our groom wanted to incorporate in his proposal was referencing the movie “The Notebook.” He missed a Blackhawks game to spend a date night and watch this movie with her, and since the date night the couple had a special saying they used to refer to romantic gestures within their relationship: “their notebook moments.” We knew this detail was pure gold to use while he popped the question, and we knew we would blow her mind by including this detail. We implementing this intricate detail which only the two of them would know by including a leather bound journal where our client wrote “their notebook story” in.

Upon coming to the gorgeous proposal location of Lincoln Park, our client got down on one knee and handed her their notebook. The proposal took her breath away, and of course she said yes! This was a slam dunk, she absolutely loved the journal touch, and as an extra bonus she can hold on to this trinket to remind her of their very special proposal.

Weaving the personalized details into this proposal was so easy because we had an amazing call with our client to jump off of. The creative process begins with a call that dives into a questionnaire where we ask all kinds of relationship questions to pull from. Fill out our proposal inquiry and we can get started to help you bring her dream proposal to reality!


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