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Product Review | Groomsday

What Do I Buy My Groomsmen for Their Gifts??

That is the single most difficult question to answer for a groom. The dreaded bridal party gift search is not one any groom or bride looks forward to. Trying to find the perfect fit for groomsmen can be a bit more difficult than it seems.

Let’s face it, they are all different people with different personalities.

Guys in general, typically are easy to shop for and seem like they would love whatever you throw their way.

This is a bit different, you want to make sure this isn’t wasted money and something they will throw away after the wedding. You want to make sure it has meaning, it fits their personality and they will use it after the wedding.

Groomsday Gift Review

When Groomsday approached me to review their products, I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t a bit taken aback at how this would all work.

I’m not exactly the best qualified, as I’m not a man nor am I married. But I said of course…because after all, it’s my job to not only KNOW quality vendors, REVIEW them but also RECOMMEND them to my clients.

So, as I searched through their site, I noticed something that you won’t find at any other online gift shops that specialize in groomsmen gifts.

Groomsday has something from everyone and I quickly thought of our blog post series we did years ago.

We did a series called “The Groomsmen Gift Guide”, you can go back and read all the posts:

The series was to sense help you find something unique for each of the men in your bridal party.

We searched high and low to curate the best gift guide. But as I said Groomsday has already solved that problem. They have something for everyone.

That is something that I immediately valued, not only did they have it all in ONE place, but I loved how they lay it all out for you on their site.

The next thing I immediately noticed was how easy their site is to navigate. OK, now I feel like I’m reviewing them as a company but in a way I am. I’m giving you my take on the entire experience. This was awesome for me, and I’m not even purchasing for a guy.

I was trying to find something that I could genuinely review with my high standards and selfishly use it afterward.

I chose their Personalized Vegan Leather Transport Duffle Bag

Somehow, I ended up with their Personalized Vegan Leather Dopp Kit. Now I’m not complaining, I will use this somehow. Let’s just say that when there was an error with the product, and I’m sure they don’t want me to mention there was an error in their product review…but here is the BEST part. Forget how awesome their product lines are, their website layout, their customer service is UNMATCHED.

The only other time I use that word in direct relation to service is when I’m speaking of the Waldorf Astoria or the Ritz Carlton.

And that is the exact service level I have received from day one.

My replacement package arrived two days after I mentioned it wasn’t the correct bag. They were kind enough to let me keep both!

Now, let get to the actual review of the product.

The two bags, not only come with a very professional monogram but the leather is a beautiful color. This leather looks beautiful and feels soft and durable.

The inside pattern matches both the Dopp Kit and the Duffle Bag and I love anything that matches and I think they do a fantastic job at choosing the best in design but quality.

Let’s move on to the bonus socks!!

I was able to choose a pair of socks, and you bet your booty I will be wearing these puppies. I chose the polka dot navy and pink pair and love them! The socks are made of mostly cotton and feel so comfortable. Let’s not forget the personalized packaging that comes with the socks, I love the design.

You can’t buy any groomsmen gift without including the socks!! That is rule #1 in the handbook of wedding gift giving.

So, there you have it, I would give a 5 out of 5 stars to Groomsday for their product lines, the ease of their site, their unmatched customer service and of course their fabulous gift from groomsmen.

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