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Scroll down to read about Amy and Dan’s proposal, how we turned Dan’s vision of a sailboat proposal on Lake Michigan a reality!

“Everything went very smoothly. Jenee crafted a custom sailboat proposal concept as well as a “back-up” plan in case weather got in the way. She also coordinated with photographers and worked seamlessly as a team. Would recommend to any guy looking for an awesome surprise proposal idea!”


The Dream Team for The Dream Proposal

Location: Lake Michigan Private Sailboat

Proposal Planner & Designer: Visions Event Studio

Photography & Videography: Golden Hours

The Vision- The Sailboat

When planning with Dan, he had a vision and it was always going to be a sailboat proposal. He had been taking lessons sailing and knew this would be a perfect way to end their courtship and begin their engagement.

Dan had a lot of the details lined up by the time he came to Visions for help with his sailboat dream proposal.




Now, all we needed was a few extra details to make this a moment they would never forget. So we enlisted the help of one of our favorite proposal photographers Golden Hours to assist with photography and videography for the proposal on the sailboat on Lake Michigan. Of course, Visions handled all the proposal decor and floral the setup down below, and the cover-up.

The Cover-Up- The Afternoon Sail on Lake Michigan

As we boarded the sailboat and by we I mean (the photography, videographer, and myself) we all had a story that we were all friends of the captains and that he invited us for an afternoon sail. That way Amy wouldn’t suspect a thing, this is of course the cover-up.

It totally worked, Amy believed the cover-up. Naturally, she started getting to know us, asked us a bunch of questions and we went along with it. Now Dan did give me a heads up that she was such a people person and loved truly getting to know everyone she comes into contact with.

So as we set sail on Lake Michigan, we decided it was time to head below and start set-up…this is much easier said than done on a sailboat as things are moving all over the place.

After about 30 minutes of me struggling to get everything in place, I emerge on deck sweating and clearly disheveled. The kind soul that Amy is took one look at me and said oh no you got sick…YES YES, I DID…we were going to run with it. She jumped to my aide and ran down below to get me some meds to settle my stomach.

The Proposal Moment

She didn’t make it to the meds as she stumble across Dan on beneded knee on the sailboat for the dream proposal and it could not have been more perfect.

Afterward, we all laughed about the cover-up and how she totally bought into the entire story of us all being friends just out on the lake.

Dan had a vision for his sailboat proposal and Visions Event Studio helped him make it a reality.

If you are ready to start planning your dream proposal contact us to jump on a quick call to discuss your vision!

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