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Pins We Love – Julie Cate Photography

What better place to find all things bridal that Pinterest? It’s the one place that every bride can go to find endless amounts of “pinsperation”.

You often times find yourself scrolling through endless amount of wedding photography on Pinterest, and it can get overwhelming! When all of a sudden, that one photo pops out that takes your breath away. It’s that one pin that you just have to have at your wedding. This week, we found a pin that we felt we needed to share with you. So we have dedicated our ‘Pins We Love’ post to Julie Cate Photography.

Her gorgeous photo of save-the-date invitations will leave you speechless. We can’t help but notice the detailed envelopes and the gorgeous simplicity of the paper invite. She took this invitation and placed it as if it was having a photoshoot of its very own! Visions adores the stunning and soft, blue undertones in the tile that match the navy blue calligraphy. We can’t get enough of how beautiful these invites are displayed! Julie truly takes your breath away this beautiful photo and we hope it inspires you just as much as it inspired us.

Pins We Love - Julie Cate

Julie Cate Photography

About Julie Cate Photography

Julie Cate has always had a passion for photography. Her company resides in Jacksonville of the sunshine state where she also has a beautiful family. Her husband and three adorable children are her biggest supporters and often enjoy helping Julie with her photography. When Julie started her career, she found true joy in shooting portraiture. But after her last two little ones were born, her focus shifted. She now shoots a variety of different events, but you can mostly find her behind the lens of wedding and engagement shoots. You will never be disappointed in Julie Cate’s jaw dropping images. They truly are picture perfect. See the rest of this shoot to find more inspiration to add to your wedding boards.

For even more wedding inspiration, scroll through Visions very own Pinterest page! And be sure to keep checking back for more Pins We Love. Happy pinning!

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