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Pins We Love- Docuvitae

We are always so amazed by the amount of inspiration we can draw from just a few minutes of browsing Pinterest.

This week, we discovered this breathtaking photograph of a floral centerpiece, and knew we needed to find the artist behind the lens. This photograph has such a effortless elegance about it with the low lighting, yet crisp detail. Not only do we see a gorgeous centerpiece, but we are taken into a complete ambiance. It’s almost as if we’re there.

Romantic Wedding Centerpiece

Photo Credit: Docuvitae

Who Is Docuvitae?

After some digging to find who shot this gorgeous image, we were introduced to Docuvitae, a fine art photography collective based in Los Angeles, California. Founder Laura Kleinhenz believes everyone deserves good photography, and strives to document her clients’ most important moments as such. She even dabbles in film as well to provide a full multimedia experience. Each and every artist at Docuvitae has their own unique eye that contributes to the refined aesthetic of the collective. We can’t wait to see what Laura and her artists release next!

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