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Pantone 2016 Color Inspiration Board

Attention all 2016 brides, Pantone have released their colors of the year and we think they are simple and subtle and perfect for you!

This week we present to you, Taylor’s P’s Pantone Board! Your BIG day is right around the corner. It’s almost here! The day you have been waiting for, for months, maybe even years, since your handsome almost-hubby got down on one knee and popped the big question. This day is huge. You have spent your entire life dreaming of the perfect man, ring, dress, shoes, and even the perfect color scheme to bring your vision to life! And we think the 2016 Pantone colors of the year can do just that.

Taylor P’s Simply Subtle Pantone

pantone 2016

1. Angela Shae 2. A Brit & A Blonde 3. Katie Grant Photo  4. Whitney Neal Photography 5. KLK Photography

By incorporating Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, a subtle blue, your wedding day dreams can come true. These simple and subtle shades of pink and blue make for a gorgeous and glamorous rustic outdoor wedding, perfect for any season!

Here is how to bring your vision to life by incorporating these simple and subtle tones into your wedding day:

  • The stationary: Let’s start by talking about how to incorporate these gorgeous colors from the start! Save-The-Dates and Wedding invitations are the first things to set the tone of your big day, I mean lets be honest who wouldn’t want to go “all out” from start to finish; you only get married once! By including these tones early on you can give your guests a sneak peak of whats to come later on!
  • The décor: Alright, this might be my absolute favorite part! These Pantone colors look absolutely breathtaking…floral arrangements, table settings, the cake, you name it! This 2016 color combination looks flawless in any aspect of your big day. A floral arch consisting of soft white and cream flowers, with a hint of subtle rose quartz, table settings with rustic serenity blue plates and pink linens, and a simple naked cake with white frosting and gorgeous flowers of both colors are just a few of our favorite ideas to bring your vision to life!
  • The dress: Ok ladies, it is totally ok to break the classic white wedding dress tradition. Although we love the traditional white wedding gown, we are also IN LOVE with this subtle pink gown. A subtle pink wedding gown is the perfect way to not only incorporate these 2016 colors into your dream day, but they are also a perfect way to make you feel and look like a princess, just as you should!

We hope all of you soon-to-be brides out there are just as excited about incorporating these beautiful 2016 tones into your wedding day as we are! Check back to see more blog posts about this years Pantone colors!

double horizontal rule blog

Dreaming of bringing a spring wedding to life? Pantone’s colors of the season are the perfect start to a gorgeous wedding!

This week we are showcasing Emmie’s “Spring Bliss” Pantone board – Spring is almost in the air! Nothing is more gorgeous than a blissful spring wedding. Regardless of your mom sobbing the entire time, the certain relatives you felt forced to invite, and a million and one things you freak out about the day before your big day- don’t worry, Pantone’s Colors of the season are here to make the ceremony and reception gorgeous despite all of the other noise on your special day. Rose Quartz, Serenity, and Lint meet to give off an aura of bliss and provide a bright and cheerful atmosphere for a wedding. By scattering pops of Lint in the color scheme, you can complement a nature-esque background of treesand green grass during your ceremony and reception. Pairing Serenity and RoseQuartz provide unlimited options to incorporate pastels into the floral,decorations, and even the bridesmaid dresses!

Emmie’s Pantone 2016 Meets Spring Bliss

pantone inspiration board

1. Leo Patrone Photography 2. Gianny Campos 3. Lauren Fair Photography 4. Erika Gerdemark Photography 5. Tessa Barton Photography  6. Kristina Lorraine PhotographyFrontier Flowers of Fontana 7. onelove photography

Elements to include to pull off this look:

  • Location: To pull off this look and feel, locating an outdoor wedding should be the first thing on the list. My favorite outdoor weddings were at quaint venues featuring gorgeous flowers and exposing natural beauty that really ties in the “spring bliss” feeling. The Tiffany Celebration Garden is one perfect place to look at in the Chicago area to create the basis for your dream wedding. Look online, look on Pinterest, and get inspired! From a gorgeous backyard to a venue with a view, to a floral filled garden, outdoorweddings can take you anywhere!
  • The Decor: It is no lie that all the little things add up to a gorgeous wedding! Decorate your tables with some light pink place cards, silver and white silverware and a pop here and there of blue and pink flowers. Nothing exemplifies a spring wedding better than gorgeous bouquets and floral centerpieces. Rose Quartz color tone can perfectly tie together any piece in a bouquet. Naturally blue flowers are a rare and unique color tone to include in floralpieces but can be a gorgeous way to decorate tables for the reception, and line the aisle during the ceremony. Also don’t forget to throw a Serenity blue bow tie on your man to tie the color scheme together!
  • The Bride: It’s not just the dress…it’s THE dress..everyone knows it just has to be perfect no matter what. What’s a few dollars over budget anyway? Ehh actually maybe just don’t tell your fiancé about that one.. Okay well anyway, during a spring wedding, a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and slight embroidering will bring vibes that scream “simple but elegant” and complement the pastel tones and classic outdoor location. Add some light pink heels to spice up your look during your perfect spring afternoon!

Visions Event Studio is the first step into bringing your vision of a spring wedding to life. Sign up today for our design chat and we would be happy to take a look at your favorite Pinterest boards for ideas and do anything we can in order for you to have the wedding of your dreams. Also, check out the other Visions consultants boards for more Pantone inspo!

double horizontal rule blog

Pantone has graced the realms of wedding, fashion, and décor with not one, but two colors of the year for 2016!

Next up in the Visions Pantone contest is Krysten’s board! How did we get so lucky to have two stunning colors to work with? The Pantone Colors of the Year 2016 are Rose Quartz, described as warm and gentle, and Serenity, described as cooler and calming. And aren’t those just everything your wedding and marriage should be?

Krysten’s Romantic Rose Quartz & Sweet Serenity

Romantic Rose Quartz and Sweet Serenity1. Ria Mishaal 2. Elisheva Golani Photography 3. Hanke Arkenbout Photography 4. Sarah Kate, Photographer 5. Rodion Shapor Dress: Milamira Bridal 6. Rodion Shapor 7. Melanie Duerkopp 8. Laura Stone Photo

Any bride looking to incorporate these beautiful tones into her special day can look no further than the “Romantic Rose Quartz and Sweet Serenity” wedding inspiration board that I have created. These colors, combined with the softness and romance that tulle, roses, and ribbons brings about, can make for the most romantic and elegant wedding fit for a couple straight out of a classic romance novel.

These subtle nuances of color can be incorporated in a variety of ways to create a truly romantic setting:

  • Something blue: Serenity is the absolute perfect “something blue” shade to include in your wedding. Subtle, but beautiful details to incorporate Serenity in can include everything from your wedding shoes to your engagement ring…so you better start hinting about that one right now!
  • Details: There is something utterly romantic and elegant about tulle, when done correctly. When a subtle tone of Rose Quartz is added as an aisle runner, or worked into the skirt of your wedding gown, you’ll not only look the part of a blushing bride, but you will appear to be floating on cloud 9 in all your layers of beautiful tulle.
  • The groom: While your dashing fiancé is hopefully willing to accommodate your requests of any wedding concept or color combinations imaginable, there is truly nothing more dapper than a crisp blue suit (and your groom will certainly thank you for not making him wear pink)! While you grace the room in Rose Quartz and tulle, your groom will look absolutely swoon-worthy in a dark blue suit with a tie in Serenity, complete with a simple rose boutonniere.
  • Floral: Roses are the ULTIMATE flower of romance, just ask #BachelorNation if you need any reassurance. Lucky for this romantic concept, Rose Quartz can be fully included in your floral choices. Roses in a light shade of, hello, Rose Quartz, can be included in everything from centerpieces to boutonnieres. Not only will this compliment the bridal gown and table décor perfectly, but the blue accents in the suits, rings, shoes, and ribbons will be perfectly offset by this shade of Rose Quartz.

What better way to incorporate romance into the most romantic day of your life than with the beautiful implementation of Rose Quartz and Serenity from Pantone Color. When paired in subtle nuances with beautiful fabric like tulle and beautiful floral like roses, your wedding will be a scene straight out of the most romantic of novels, and certainly way better than The Notebook.

And for more inspiration, keep your eye out for the rest of Visions’ takes on these wonderful colors!

double horizontal rule blog

Pantone has come out with this year’s colors, and we just had to create breathtaking inspiration boards for your wedding plans!

Once again, the Visions team is in full competition mode! Every year we go crazy when Pantone releases it’s colors for the year that we have an internal contest as to who can create the best wedding inspiration board. Keep your eyes out for all of our employees boards over the next few weeks and let us know who you think the real champion is. First up, is my board: Pantone 2016 Meets Bohemian.

Taylor’s Pantone 2016 Meets Bohemian

pantone 2016 meets bohemian

1. Kinawicks Photography 2. Peaches & Mint 3. Once Wed/Jose Villa 4. Amalie Orrange Photography 5. Kristen Booth Photography 6. White Faux Taxidermy 7. Erin J Saldana Photography

When I found out that Pantone’s colors were pastels this year, I instantly thought of Spring. Naturally after that thought, came the fantasy wedding of outdoors and boho! I chose to make my style all about Springs endless array of floral. That gorgeous Rose Quartz and sweet Serenity mixed with that pop of green is a wedding palette to die for.


To pull of the most beautiful Pantone meets Bohemian wedding, here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Outdoors is the way to goA boho wedding isn’t truly boho if it isn’t outside, right? I mean, without even doing anything you can find Rose Quartz in the flowers, Serenity in the sky, and Ultramarine in all the greenery! By simply adding just a few simple touches of the colors, such as a blue tablecloth or pink floral chandelier, you have a beautifully tied together wedding.
  • The DressI know that technically a bride is supposed to wear white, but a pale pink gown is just as gorgeous for this style wedding (maybe even more gorgeous!) Perhaps think to step out of the box and put your color scheme right in your outfit! But if you are more of a classic style bride and want to stick to tradition, be sure to have your maids dressed head to toe in that subtle pink or blue.
  • Floral OverloadAnd I don’t use that word lightly. In the lighting, dripping in your bouquet, sprinkled down the table, wrapped around your cake, in your hair, you name it. Put it everywhere. I personally find nature’s greenery to be the best accent you can have in a wedding – it keeps it down to earth, its gorgeous, and its practically free! So use it up!
  • Spring Fever – These wedding colors scream Spring time, so take advantage of it! Find bridal beauty and wedding décor in all elements of the outdoors and you will be sure to have the most breathtaking wedding of the year.

We are so looking forward to incorporating this years Pantone colors in our events. And with Spring right around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to start adding this style to your wedding plans.

Keep your eye out for all of the Visions consultants inspiration boards! Oh, and of course, if you need help planning – don’t hesitate to give us a ring!

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