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Nimble Well

Looking for Chicago Vintage Rentals??  Look no further than Nimble Well!

Last month we had a baby shower that we were planning (look for the post soon) for a former Visions bride.  We had all the concepts in order, the very last piece of the design aspect was to find milk glass, and we needed a lot of it.  The concept was to have a whole 18′ table have a Mad Hatter tea party, dessert centerpiece with an abundance of cake and goodies.

We had the cake and the goodies, all we needed was some awesome glassware to display them on, enter Nimble Well.

We were introduced to Kelly through a mutual wedding vendor and quickly got to talking about her wonderful collection.  She was more than helpful with taking exact pictures for the pieces we needed and even made sure they would fit the treats inside.  I can not say enough good things about Kelly and her business.  It was a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to working with her on many more events.

After the event we were able to meet face to face at Indiewed, and had a chance to sit down to find out a little bit more about Nimble Well.

Visions:  What unique vintage decors would you recommend for a couple having a DIY wedding?

Nimble Well:  Modern weddings with vintage elements can create many different moods. It doesn’t have to be sepia-toned. It’s rare that any couple getting married would be trying to create an exact replica of a certain period, especially not without the budget of a period movie, so my advice is to think about what era and what color combination you really like. Consider what you have in your home, what you like to wear, what you’re drawn to, and start there.

A wedding is a kind of heightened version of your life, so if you like modern design, chevron, etc., maybe you want to incorporate some deco and mid-century pieces that have strong, clean lines. If you want more of a romantic, Parisian mood, choose pieces with more ornate elements, maybe mercury glass with mirror and metallic trays with scrollwork. Milk glass is stunning for a white wedding, and makes a bright contrast in any color scheme. If you what bright colors, you can incorporate vintage pottery in fuchsia, aqua, bright yellow. It’s possible for vintage pieces to make any of these designs gel. Vintage is a deep area, so even if you’re only incorporating a few elements in your wedding, it can enhance the effect you’re going for.


Nimble Well:  It’s like that old jazz song “I just want to do what’s been done before.” Milk glass and jadeite were popular over 60 years ago and now they’ve come back in vogue. A lot of couples who are using vintage pieces are juxtaposing them in a way that makes them modern and unique to their sense of style. The same vase or cake stand can be perfect for many different styles. With vintage, a couple can have a wedding with objects that are truly beautiful and unique, and they don’t have to be brand-new, or go out with the trash at the end of the night, or get chucked in a box in a garage, but can continue being a part of future weddings in new combinations.

Visions:  Tell us a little bit about your rentals and where do you get your inventory?

Nimble Well:  My rental inventory is 90+% vintage. Nimble Well focuses on tabletop décor. That means vintage cake stands, tiered trays, serving platters, vases, planters, and some props–wood crates, small suitcases, and small décor pieces–and I’m starting to get into rose and crystal wine goblets and silverware, and barware. I also have a small vintage linen collection.

Chicago has a deep resale community, and I find my inventory in thrift shops, totally disorganized dusty shops, more organized and focused shops, garage sales, friends’ grandmothers, couples who are selling their stuff on Craigslist after their wedding, and on eBay.  And basically when I see a sign that says “Antiques,” or “Flea Market,” or “Yard Sale” I stop.

Visions:  You mentioned on your website that your business approach is to focus on environmental resources, what does that term mean to you in today’s wedding industry?

Nimble Well:  Climate change is major fact of life now, and many couples who care about the environment make choices in their daily lives to conserve resources–biking to work, taking bags to the grocery store, carrying a reusable water bottle, recycling, but when it comes to planning a wedding there are so many choices and it’s difficult for them to discern what their greener options are.

For Nimble Well that means using green cleaning products and reusable and recyclable packing material, and using green printers for my business cards and materials. The bulk of my inventory spans the 1880s-1970s, so I’m extending the useful life of objects that already exist. Of course, these are small choices in terms of the overall commitment that needs to be made to slow down climate change.

Visions:  What advice would you offer a couple seeking a vintage vendor?

Nimble Well:  Every vintage vendor has their own focus in terms of area of inventory: furniture, tabletop décor, vintage plates, props. There is definitely overlap in all of these areas, and every vendor has a unique collection, so don’t hesitate to check out different rental businesses and collections to see what you’d like to rent for your wedding. Before you check them out, think about what fits your wedding and venue. Consider the existing décor of your wedding and reception venues, and think about where you’d like to focus. That will make it easier to decide what you’d like to rent. Maybe you just want to focus on the dessert table, or seating tables, or your ceremony area.  There’s no wrong choices, just ones based on your vision and resources.

Visions:  Outside of Nimble Well, what do you enjoy doing?

Nimble Well:  I really love the movies. I have since I was young, and I’m grateful that I can see so many movies in the city that don’t make it to all parts of the country. The Music Box Theater on Southport is my favorite place to go. All year long that have great documentaries in the small theatre, and special screenings, like the 70mm festival that is happening right now, and there’s always the Christmas sing-a-long.

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wood-and-brown-glass-photo-by-Kelly-ConnollyPhoto credits: Lisa Beth Anderson and Amanda Megan Miller


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