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MRS.- How To Flaunt Your Newlywed Status (Part 1)

You’ve just been proposed to and now you cannot wait to start flaunting your Mrs. Status!

Your wedding is all about a new bond, and your new identity as a Mrs. is a big part of it. Of course you want to start flaunting it as soon as possible! It’s easy to incorporate monograms or initials into your wedding ceremony and reception while keeping with the concept of your wedding!

However, it’s important to note that an initial or monogram overload is not tasteful, but when incorporated into one or two aspects of the wedding, you can make a truly gorgeous statement!

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We’ve come up with the most elegant ways to show off your new name at your wedding ceremony and reception!

  • Veil: This is a unique and timeless way to include your new initials in the wedding. By incorporating your new name into the design of your veil, you are in for some stunning photographs and you will have an elegant keepsake for years to come!
  • Cuff embroidery: Hey, if you’re excited about changing your last name, your hubby should be excited about it too! By embroidering your new initials into your groom’s cuff, you can always be close to him while you both get ready for the big day! Plus, if you want to use this as your something blue as well, subtle blue thread is never a bad idea!
  • The cake: When done correctly, your new last name or new initial can look absolutely majestic on your wedding cake! It makes quite a statement on a dessert table and it’s a perfect way to decorate the cake if you don’t know how else to design it!
  • Place cards: Emboss your place cards with your new last name! This is not only a very elegant stationary design, but it makes the perfect keepsake for the wedding guests!
  • Guest book: Customize your guest book with your new last name! Again, this is a very elegant design technique and will be beautiful to hang onto for many years! It can even be used as a keepsake between generations.
  • Backdrop: If you’re looking for a tasteful way to photograph your rings, a card with your new monogram on it is simple and elegant. The photography will be beautiful and it’s a perfect way to show off the rings that are binding you and your partner!

What’s even better is that showing off your newlywed status does not have to end with your wedding ceremony! Stay tuned for the second part of MRS. – How to Flaunt Your Newlywed Status, as we show off ways to keep your new last name at the center of your newly married life!

And as always, if you need help incorporating any of these details into your ceremony, Visions is here to help!

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