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Woodland Meets Marsala Wedding Inspiration

The hottest wedding colors for 2015 have been announced, the color at the top of the list is the luxurious and tasteful hue of Marsala.

This lavish color has an earthiness about it which can’t be denied, so it seems only right to pair this enriching color with the profound elements of nature.

The deep, wine red of Marsala is amplified when it is placed next to the other natural hue of forest green. How can you incorporate forest green into your wedding? Set the luxurious scene in enchanting woodlands! The beautiful trees and foliage of the outdoors make for a fabulous backdrop to a wedding, and the richness of the natural forest green couldn’t be duplicated anywhere else. Blush pink can also be used to compliment the earthly scene and add just the right touch of elegance to turn the theme up a notch to luxurious! The scenery of the grand outdoors will take you and your guests on a great escape into the vast beauty of nature. The unlimited possibilities of an outdoor ceremony leaves so much room for your own personal touches and details with Marsala.

Woodlands Meets Marsala Wedding

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Ways to bring the Marsala Pantone Color into your Wedding Details

  • Floral- Adding a pop of color to the floral arrangements is one of the most common and easiest ways to display the Marsala color tone you’re looking for. Although not every flower is available in Marsala, here are a few of our favorite Marsala flowers (red charm peonies, kangaroo paw, hanging amaranthus, dahlia, ranuc, calla, or even traditional roses)
  • Accessories- Every woman loves accessories! This is a simple way to bring the bold hue of Marsala into your wedding. Light touches of Marsala go a long way. Think about using (belts, hair pieces, or even just some simple nail color! Don’t forget jewelry, signature cocktail rings are so trending this year to go along with your gorgeous rock on your ring finger, some options to bring in Marsala into your wedding jewelry would be our favorite rubies, rubellite, or garnet.)
  • Makeup- Having a bold color like Marsala on your lips during your wedding will definitely add some flair to your big day. Check out the lipstick shades of Leahanna, Rose-Brown, Divine Wine, and Bourdeaux from your favorite brands to add some glamour to your look!
  • Shoes- Adding a Marsala shoe to your big day will make a statement! With it being the hottest color of 2015, every designer is using this color in their shoes. Take a peek at what your favorite designers are coming up with for this divine color.

If you envision yourself having an outdoor wedding, try utilizing the natural surroundings while still adding your own personal touches with the up-and-coming color of Marsala. Need some design assistance? No problem, Visions offers a design consultation to bring out what you imagine for your big day and making it reality. Contact us to get started today!


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