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How To Keep Your Proposal a Surprise- The Cover Up

Guys, it’s time to talk about your poker face for her surprise proposal.

We’re talking about how to keep your proposal cover up believable so she doesn’t suspect a thing.

There are so many storylines to create a great cover up for the proposal. Visions has been a part of several set ups which have all been successful by making the future bride believe exactly what we want her to believe.

One of our favorite cover ups for a proposal involved one of our Visions members pretending to be a reporter for NBC 5 News. The “reporter” reached out to the future bride to set up a mock interview covering the topic of high school sweethearts. The future Mrs. was escorted in a limo to one of Visions’ preferred salons where she was pampered and prepped for her prime time interview. After being treated like a princess at the salon, the limo picked her up and took her to the interview location. She was then prepped, miced, and ready as the camera started rolling. She was in for the surprise of her life when she realized it was all a cover up for her proposal.

Cover Up Proposal Surprise

This is just one of the many cover ups we have accomplished here at Visions. Every bride is different and unique, therefore every cover up has to be accustomed to them. It may seem overwhelming to have to come up with something so elaborate and believable for your proposal, but trust us when we say the element of surprise is a must. We have some tips to help you keep your cover up straight so she won’t suspect a thing!

Tips for the element of surprise:

Details, Details, Details- Don’t leave any holes in the cover up for her to second guess what is going on. To avoid these holes, incorporate as much detail as possible without giving away too much. Try thinking of the different questions she may ask, and work on how to answer those questions. This will keep her satisfied and not suspicious.

Keep the story straight- This is very important, because if the cover up starts developing slight changes, she will be weary of what is really going on. It might help to write out the complete cover up to read over and share with anyone else involved with the big moment. Just make sure you hide it somewhere so your future bride won’t find it!

Be yourself- Your bride-to-be will notice if you’re acting suspicious or anxious for no explainable reason. After all, she’s the one who knows your best! This is a huge moment for the two of you, so anxiety is only natural. However, it won’t seem natural for her since she has no idea what you have planned, so act like you would on any regular occasion to keep your plans under wraps.

Confused of where to start with the cover up?  Don’t worry, our cover up planning service comes with our custom full service planning, and if you already have the details planned for your proposal but just need assistance with the cover up, we offer this as an al la carte item as well.  Contact us and fill out our proposal inquiry to start planning your proposal and cover up!

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