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Visions Internship Program

Applying for Visions Event Studio Internship Positions:

We have created a very simple system to apply for any position in our internship program, make sure to go through the entire process so that your application is approved.

Application Steps

  1. Watch the video for all the information you need to see if this insternship program is a good fit.
  2. After watching the video fill out the application below.
  3. You then will be directed to submit a “working interview”, don’t worry all the information you need is in the video.

Video Cliff Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Mentorship Vs. Internship- :46
  • Goals- 5:05
  • My Journey/My Story- 6:10
  • Benefit Of Being Part of the Internship- 11:06
  • Level of Commitment- 14:48
  • Your 5 Year Plan- 16:20
  • Internship Testimonial- 18:38
  • Internship Testimonial- 19:51
  • Is This Internship Right For Me- 21:04
  • Day to Day Work- 27:36
  • Internship Position Descriptions- 29:42
  • 30 Second Video 33:47
  • Working Interview: 35:08

I watched the video, submitted my internship application, and working interview now what?

Let’s talk next steps, after you have submitted your application AND the working interview you will be notified by the team that your application has been approved or denied.

If approved we will move into an in-person Zoom interview and will be able to choose a time that works with your schedule using our online scheduler.

We look forward to working with you to see if this is the best fit for both of us.

Read below for a full description of each position available or skip to the bottom where you can complete your application.

Internship Positions Available:

Wedding Planning Internship- Visions looking for a wedding planning intern that is seeking an internship as a stepping stone to their career. This is a highly educational-based position with high-level hands-on experience.

As an intern you are placed within the core day-to-day tasks in what a wedding planner does, from client meetings, to design concept creation to blog posts and social media outreach. We are always looking to give the Busy Brides of Chicago as much fresh content on the trends in the wedding industry and we love placing our interns in the middle of all the action that goes into owning and operating a small business.

You will not only learn but you will be engaged with the team on internal projects such as photoshoots, marketing campaigns as we partner up with some of the best venues and vendors in Chicago.

There is no other internship like Visions Event Studio’s internship program.

You will walk away completely prepared to take your next big step into your forever job as a wedding planner. With over hundreds of interns that have moved on to accept the top wedding planning positions in Chicago we are very proud of how much we pour into each intern.

Editorial Internship- Visions Event Studio is looking for qualified individuals for our journalism internship. With a major focus on our wedding/proposal blog, we consider ourselves the leaders in the Chicago area for inspiration for busy brides and soon-to-be grooms.

Join a growing team as you learn vital marketing SEO strategies to go behind the powerful writing skills you already possess. Writing can be useful in any industry, join one that is more rewarding by bringing about the most joyous occasions in people’s lives.

Social Media Internship- Visions Event Studio is looking to hire a social media intern. This position is for a creative, outgoing, self-starter, who is looking to have an opportunity to take on strategies in the Social Media world of the wedding and event industry. 

The intern will be responsible for creating and maintaining all Social Media strategies, as well as follow up with new followers throughout the different mediums. Track growth on all accounts, as well as develop plans to grow our awareness as needed.

There is always a lot going on and because we are so small, the intern takes on a very important role here, very much like a part of the team.

There will be no ‘coffee fetching’ at all. Interns are, again, treated as equals with the other employees and are expected to pull their weight.

This is an internship that you will 100% LEARN the ins and outs of all the best practices for social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Internship- Visions Event Studio is looking to hire a digital marketing intern. This internship is not only an opportunity to put your passion for marketing to use and see all your ideas come to life but it’s a position that is deeply rooted in educating our interns to know the best practices for online marketing for any market.

Your education will be ongoing throughout your time with Visions Event Studio as we invest in all the best teaching that we use ourselves.

Our goal is to be a stepping stone in your career and give you a creative space to really see yourself grow.

The Marketing Intern supports the owner and lead visionairre of Visions Event Studio in carrying out important responsibilities related to creating and launching online training courses via promotions, including:

  • Create and oversee funnels, including opt-in pages and sales pages
  • Assist in all email marketing campaigns
  • Build a course from the ground up
  • Brainstorm marketing concepts for our Youtube content creation
  • Manage and maintain the industry standard of on page SEO as well as SEO for our blog

Internship Application Form:

***If you are having a hard time submitting your 30 second video due to the size of the file please send it via email to***


Hi, and welcome to the visions internship program. I am so excited you are here and just want to learn more about this position. I can tell you, obviously, as it says, we are not your typical internships, so we are not a good fit for many.

And so I wanted to make a video so that you were able to kind of in your own time absorb what it is that the internship is all about so that you can really see if this is a good fit for you and be able to understand the application process.

So we are going to get into all, all of the things that you need to know. I’m going to go step by step into the specifics of the internship, but I want to first get into the biggest thing that I feel is the thing that sets us apart is that we are a mentorship program, not an internship program. I don’t really think of that. It’s on the any platform that you would have come to apply for the position. It doesn’t really come out and say, this is a mentorship, but it is definitely a mentorship.

Mentorship vs. Internship

And what is the difference between a mentorship and an internship? The way I view it, or I’ve heard from my interns is that the other positions that they’ve held, um, with companies, it was the attitude that you’re an intern. You have to pay your dues. Here, go sit in the corner and do your job so that you have your time on your resume to reflect that you did your, um, your time with us. And obviously the better named, um, company well-known named, uh, the better. And I think even the lesser and lesser, uh, value that the internship has in that position. I do not think that way.

So the way that I approach and the internship program I’ve had it forever 11 years. So I’m seeing that there’s a typo that is so annoying. We are simply different. That’s what it’s supposed to say. Back to what I was saying. So 11 years I’ve been in this internship, mentoring, girls from all stages of life, and a lot of people ask that, are they all in college or can you be out of college?

My very first intern was, it’s truly a God story, how it all came to be, but she was in her forties and came to me, um, retiring out of, I think it was the airline space that she had worked for many, many years and wanted something that was fulfilling, wanting something that was worthwhile. And, 10 years later I hired her such again, such a God story. She lives like two minutes from me.

That is what I mean, like, even in her story, if I could sit here and tell her, it would probably take way too long to tell the story, but it’s amazing how that relationship developed. I was able to be a part of what she was looking to accomplish and do.

That is kind of, I think the difference between a mentorship versus an internship is that I value not only the people coming through the internship, but I value where you’re going. I want to be a part of growing your future. I want to be a part of whatever that stepping stone to that next place is.

So I want you to understand that it’s a guided approach. It is me not just telling you what to do, but me kind of correcting, but then telling you why, so that you understand and can grow from that. I have tremendous respect for interns and feel that you have so much value to bring to the table. I have five children that, three of them are older in their twenties.

And I think that my perspective on, 20 somethings, you guys have that pulse of what’s going on in the world right now and what is coming up trending and what not. And so I know that I learned from all of my interns that come through. So it is a mentorship. It is not, Hey, let me see if I like this. And it would be a fun internship to have for the summer. There are plenty like thousands and thousands and thousands of positions that you could apply for if that’s what you’re looking for.

And so this video is to help you to decide, is this right for me? Is this something that, um, it’s going to help me get to where I want to be? And if you don’t really know where you want to be, I think that, that, it’s probably a good indication to turn off the video and say, you know what, I need a position that’s going to have just that, you know, kind of here shadow us, watch us and do your time.

And, and that gives you exactly what you need to see if you want to do it. Whereas this is so much more intentional about getting clear on where you want to go.


So again, kind of leads into how is it that we are so intentional and so focused. We are focused on you and your goals. So if you were to tell me that you’re coming into the wedding planning internship, and you want to own your own business, we are going to customize the experience so that you can maximize your time and visions. We want to make sure that we are making measurable goals so that we know we’re hitting them and that these goals are going to get you where you want to be. And whether that’s in one year, five years, wherever it is.

So we really truly do give the internship space. It’s very fluid in the way that we are able to customize it per intern. And so really getting focused on your goals, knowing where you want to be, I think is one of those kind of, is this right for me? Do I know where I want to be? Am I focused? Because if you aren’t focused, it’s very hard for me to get focused and really pour into, an intern.

My Story

So I’m going to tell you my story, my journey of how I’ve arrived at, being an entrepreneur business owner for almost 12 years, I was raised in the wedding industry. My father was a wedding photographer in orange county, California, and it was definitely, something that, you know, my feet couldn’t even hit the ground. I was just sitting there in his studio playing wedding planner, but I didn’t know what I was doing. And in that time that I was with him, I knew I wanted to be in the industry. I just didn’t know what it looked like.

So I went on to work for a wedding photographer that was friends with him. So I wasn’t writing my dad’s coattails, so to speak. I also went on to work for a venue and catering company that was producing million-dollar events. Like on the shores of the beat, it was amazing. It was a fantastic experience. It gave me the passion that I have for event planning because I got to see the behind-the-scenes. I just knew that that’s where I belonged. While my dad would’ve probably liked for me to have finished, or carried on the family business, that just simply wasn’t where my skillsets lie.

I went ahead and started visions, I came to Chicago and did it completely opposite than everyone else. I had the family first five kids and on the fifth child, she was born and I opened up the doors to visions. And I thought I was going to be the best wedding planner Chicago had ever seen. I am a very outside-of-the-box thinker. I always like to reinvent the wheel because I like to have creativity in the way that I do everything and feel that I’m serving people and giving them a different experience than what everyone else is doing.

So I would say two years in maybe a year, it was a year in really. And I don’t think that the program was solidified until the second year, but a year. And I knew, okay, I am not going to do with all of the other wedding planners are doing by going to bridal expos. I’m not going to pay into advertising to be one of thousands of wedding planners in Chicago. How do I get in front of a bride with zero competition and how it would be just a natural fit.

I was just kind of backward thinking my way through a marketing campaign, which was the proposal service. And the proposal service came out of that. Brainstorming how to get in front of a bride. And, fast forward two, three years ago, it has completely taken over the business. It is our front lining service. So you don’t see that necessarily on our website and or on social. We don’t announce that that’s all that we do because we do still do weddings for our clients that we have done proposals for. We just don’t push weddings like we used to, if that makes sense. And of course, if we get to have a zoom, interview, I will love to go into what that all looks like of planning a proposal for gentlemen. And they usually give me seven days to do so.

So it’s completely different than weddings. Nevertheless, I like to have transparency to let you know that our focus is proposals with that seven-day turnaround they’re coming and going as quickly as they’ve come on, they’re falling off, right? So we get a fresh batch of new clients, weekly, which again, fits my personality a lot better than, the wedding industry.

We are, Chicago’s proposal planners.

There is only three of us in the industry that we were the founding, I guess, planners that created this service and are still, um, in business, still pushing it as much as we had when we opened it. So I am Chicago’s based. The competition is out on the west coast. They have a very different business model. You’ll hear me talk a lot about marketing because marketing is my passion. I love marketing just as much as I love what I do for a living.

So that is great news for the company because I think that is what sustains the longevity of a company is to be able to enjoy all of those different hats that you have to wear. I will get into kind of what my five-year plan is and what the forecasting for that looks like because it is going to kind of change here in a little bit, but I want to be transparent for you to know that it’s not going to be a full calendar for the year of weddings. And that, that is as a wedding planning intern, if that’s what you’re applying for, or if it’s social, what it is that you would be pushing out.

Benefits of Joining The Team

So we’re going to get into the benefits. What is it that you’re going to get if you were to join the team? The first one is obvious. As I said, the one-on-one mentoring, you’re getting from me directly, and that’s going to be face-to-face time. That’s going to be me guiding you. That’s going to be my kind of correcting and really just kind of walking you through this process and to, what it is. If it’s marketing, understanding the concepts of marketing and business and how we utilize online, digital marketing concepts, if it’s social, having you understand as a business, what social does for us. Cause I think that a lot of people can understand social as a consumer, but as a business, it looks different.

So having that understanding. And so again, it’s just, one-on-one with me mentoring and there’s tons of programs where you actually have to pay into being mentored by someone who has the experience level that I do. But I love to teach it’s something that is a passion of mine. I feel like I am giving back, to the next generation, by giving all that I know, and kind of pouring that into you. And so for that reason, I think that it is one of the top benefits. There’s many that I could go on and on, but that’s one of them.

The second is hands-on training. You really get it, like roll your sleeves up and dig in because I op offer an opportunity that I don’t think other internship programs offer. I give you the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of whatever position it is.

So if you’re a social media intern, I’m going to give you that hands-on and the freedom to explore your ideas under my company, so that you’re able to see if the social media management job title is what you truly are in fact designed to do. If that’s your best skillsets if that’s where you should go and giving you that platform and that ability in that, that freedom to come up with these ideas and also to be guided is something that I think a lot of companies just don’t do. They just kind of, again, hand you a task and you’re supposed to do it. I love to train you. I love for you to understand how to choose the best images and here’s why.

And so that’s really the hands-on approach, I think, from marketing to social. And then of course, with the wedding planning interns, what that looks like is how do you plan an event from start to finish? How is it that you are able to talk to your clients and, be able to, to hand or hold their hand and throughout the entire thing, men get, as simple as they are, they get very nervous as they come into this moment in their life?

And so I often say as a wedding planner that I would play the counseling role, right? Counseling couples or the bride through the process, but even still with, I think, proposal clients, I do the same. And so understanding all the ins and outs of what it looks like to plan an event for someone, they’re hiring you in the future for wherever it is that you end up, they’re hiring you and they trust you that you’re going to be able to produce for them an event that is one of the most important events of their lives. So it is a big deal and we want to be able to treat it as such and the way that we go through and training you into that next, I want to kind of just hit really quickly on commitment.


You’ve heard, talk a lot about pouring into the mentorship, kind of perspective versus internship, me being focused on your goals. You can hear, and I want, I hope you can hear my heart, that high, put a lot of me into these interns. And so that same level of commitment that I am promising you, I expect back in return. I can tell you that something I’ve seen in the last couple of years is the lack of commitment, not a commitment to, necessarily the position, but the lack of commitment in general. And I think that it’s just something, that needs to be like a line item that we’re talking about.

Like open up the conversation about what that looks like of being committed and sticking to your word of I’m going to invest in myself, I’m going to take this opportunity. I’m going to make it the best so that it is a stepping stone for me. So the commitment is definitely a very high, um, priority. And if you’re in a place where you’re like, Hmm, I’m not sure I can give that commitment. Then again, this is another place for you to just say, it’s not a good fit, which is, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with this, not being a great fit. I’d rather us come to this place now than come to this place. After you’ve gone through the application process, you’ve been hired you’re in it for two months, and then realize that maybe the commitment level just wasn’t there.

Something again, I want to just have you ask yourself, and these are just qualifying questions so that you are able to see if this is right for you.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

Where do you see yourself in five years, as cliche as that sounds, I would just want to get real? I want you to really hear that knowing where you’re going is the only way to know that you have arrived.

So if you don’t have that clear focus, that intent on where you want to go, then it’s not something that I can really come alongside you and help you with. And so that way I want you to sit for a minute, pause the video and just be like, where do I see myself? Am I in a place where I am lost and kind of trying to find my way and trying to find what is the best, place for my future, or am I in a place where I know exactly what I want to do, I know exactly how I need to get there?

And it’s just a matter of those stepping stones that you’re going to take to get you to, the place you want to be, whether that’s a large company that you work for a small company, such as visions, or if you want to even open your own business and be your own boss. I think that again, breaking these mindsets that because you’re fresh out of college and don’t have the work experience means that you don’t have value or that you absolutely are not amazing at what you do is something that we need to, just get rid of. And that’s something that I strongly feel because I’ve watched my interns that come through the internship program, go on to get the best paying positions in their industry and, or have walked into opening up their own business in their twenties.

Again, that’s something that I’m honored to be a part of. I want you to really sit and think, is this something that is right for me? Am I committed? Am I in this place where I want that mentorship and that extra, I guess pouring into, and do I have a laser focus of where I want to be? That’s not to say it’s not going to change. That’s just to say that you’re focused enough to have a goal to hit.

Internship Testimonials

I want to get into some testimonials from some of our interns. Sattin is currently one of our wedding planning interns, and she says, my experience as an intern with Visions Event Studio has exceeded all of my expectations. Although primarily a remote internship has been extremely hands-on from the start.

I’ve gained so much knowledge and real-world experience, not only in the wedding industry but also with social media marketing and business management. I learned something new from Jenee every day, and she really does have each intern’s best interest in mind. Now Sattin is a wedding planning intern.

I only do, I think I’ve done this maybe two or three times, but she’s also hybrid social media, which is why she gets both and has learned a lot. She also told me that she wanted to own her own business. So again, pulling back that curtain to really have you see all of the hats that I wear so that you’re understanding, what does it go? What does it look like to be an entrepreneur?

And what are those, realities look like day to day next week, hear from Julia who was also a wedding planning intern. She says Visions was my very first internship in college. It really introduced me to, into the professional world. I learned so much about how to communicate with all different types of clients and vendors. Jenee taught me that taking initiative will get you farther than you could have ever dreamed and execution on top of it was what builds a successful business.

I would recommend this internship to anyone who’s looking to breakthrough into the industry or anyone that has that ambitious entrepreneurial spirit. Knowing how to work with people is one of the most valuable skills you can have. And being able to have a hand in one of the most special days of their lives is just cherry on top now. Julia, I think she wanted I’m to say she was like seven, eight years ago that she was with us and she now has, and she was in college. She now has her own digital marketing firm with, I think, 20 employees. So very, very proud of her, and her journey. And just to be a part of that, right, again, just to be a stepping stone for her is something that for me is truly the reward for all that I do.

Is This Internship Right For You?

Now let’s get back into this question. I keep asking, is this internship right for you?

So the first, line item, and yes, it is an unpaid internship because again, the value you’re getting from hall of the mentorship, all of the very intentional work that we go into to strengthen those skillsets, to get you where you want to be is going to be an unpaid position because of that aspect. It is six months versus I think typical interns, internships that they do spring, summer-fall.

I don’t, because I know what, what our program has been designed to do. It’s been designed to give you that, an opportunity that hands-on approach. I would say the first month, you’re just getting into it, understand it. So you have to go through a two-week video-based training that you watch the video, you do a project, and then I review and I give you some feedback into what you can be doing differently or that you killed it. It’s amazing. But that, that first month you go through that two-week training and then you go through and that’s more about who we are as a company who our clientele is, who it is that we serve. And then you move into the next two weeks understanding your actual position.

So if you’re a social media intern and you’re coming in, you go through those two weeks, as everyone else does. And then the next two weeks, you’re learning every single thing about social. So the first month is just training. So then the last month we’re kind of, you know, tying it all up, like a nice little boat, making sure you hit those goals. And so that four months is really where all of the magic happens. So yeah, it’s a six-month commitment for that reason. And yes, it is virtual. Yes, we do have the flexibility within your hours because I think that w school comes first above. Anything, if you still are in school, if you’re not, and you are working, work comes first.

And so you need to be able to look at your own schedule to see if that 15 to 20 hours is going to work within your schedule. Now, I really do give you again and very intentional from that 15 to 20 hours onto the end of six months, I give you more of a you’re in the driver’s seat. And if you are a digital marketing intern and someone’s hiring you to come on and help them in their company to market their business, they want you to take the lead in that they to see that, you know what you’re talking about, you’re the expert and you’re going to run that project. So for that reason, I want you to feel that way throughout the entire internship.

And so from the hours of that, 15 to 20 hours, you’re going to tell me when you’re going to work. So it’s not me telling you because I don’t think that you’re going to, um, really be able to exercise that muscle of being the lead and the expert, unless I’m putting you in positions where we’re doing that. So it starts with the hours 15 to 20 hours each week, Monday through Friday nine to five. But any pocket of time that you find yourself can make that 15 to 20 hours work.

And of course, that’s just so I know when I can reach out to you, I’m respectfully not doing it when you’re in school, but this has worked very, very well for 11 years. And it continues to be something that I think that we will always continue to do is have that flexibility with you. If you need to take time off for spring break or holidays or anything, again, I have five kids, so I understand what it looks like to need to be flexible. We do use a project management system called Asana because it’s a virtual internship and we want to have that face-to-face connection.

We want to feel like we are part of a team. So we have Asana that we have everything internal, all of our projects from social to editorial, to events, to everything. We utilize Asana for all of our, day-to-day tasks. We have a weekly zoom meeting, uh, you and I, every single week to go through what we’ve gone through in the week and then forecast for the next week.

Our team has biweekly team meetings because I think that again, being a part of the team and feeling that you are connected when it’s a virtual, space is so important. And just so I think it’s very important to hear this, just so you know, I’ve been doing virtual, I would say for the last 12 years, I always knew that my family came first. That was my top priority in my life.

And so I needed to know that, unlike my father, he was gone every single weekend. I never saw him and he was always at his studio. And so I wanted to be able to work out of my home office. I wanted to be able to be there for my children right now, the three older ones are out of the home and I only have two left and I homeschool them. So it again is still at a place where, as a single mom, I’m walking into needing to have a balance between work life and home life.

And so for that reason, I think having the virtual space, a lot of, I would say 80% of our are nationwide or international. And so to have the virtual ability to serve them is also needed. So virtual did not come for me personally because of COVID. Virtual just came from my priorities and how I wanted to be intentional with the way that my business was run. And last but not least, a lot of people ask, you know, with it being unpaid. Do you work with colleges for college credit? We work with all colleges, some of the top ones in the nation, that I think we find our interns coming from that have maybe really, really good marketing and PR, um, programs through their colleges.

Day-to-Day Work

So yes, we do work with, all of the colleges, if that is something that you are needing now, let’s talk about that day-to-day work. I kind of went through what it looks like to have forecasting for the week you’re going in through the training, but what does it look like in your day-to-day work? Well, we have a morning routine that we all start our day with you jump in, you clock in, and then you start doing the projects that we have set up for that week.

I am definitely more hands-on with the wedding planning interns, as well as the digital, online marketing interns, the editorial and social have a little bit more freedom, not only in their schedule. So that can be more on your own time. It doesn’t have to sit in that Monday through Friday nine to five because it’s not as, you know, jumping on a phone call to discuss a project and I’m stuck here. What is it that we’re looking to do?

But I guide you through the entire thing. It’s not something I ever just leave you in. Every step of our day-to-day work is something that I walk alongside you. I want you to know that it’s not just working you’re doing for me, it’s work, we’re doing together and have a very high value for, learning myself.

Obviously, you can hear that in the passion, I have to teach others, but also the knowledge that I acquire. So anything that I’m involved in that I am working on and I am, I do have to confess, I have a very unhealthy addiction to buying online courses.

So you, as an intern, visions get to have access to those programs that I have invested in for the last 11 years. But again, it’s the day-to-day work that we’re working side-by-side together through this online project management system. So it’s not really an alone feeling or an alone environment. But you do have the freedom. So again, it’s kind of a mix of the two.

Internship Job Descriptions:

Let’s talk about the individual, internship programs, or departments. I should say.

We have a wedding planning intern. And again, they’re just going to get in here and learn everything that there is to know about all things weddings. We do have, what I call the thousand-dollar binder.

If you’ve ever heard about the association of bridal consultants, that is the concept that you can go to school for hospitality. You can go to school for event management, but you cannot go to school and get a degree in wedding planning. And so wedding planning is a certification process.

And this is that, process in which I went through, 11 years ago. What I decided after again, this is a long story I won’t get into is that it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I wasn’t going to get certified. And, so I have this thousand-dollar binder that I use.

I offer it to the wedding planners because it literally tells you anything and everything you ever want to know about wedding planning. I teach you, but this is more like why does the father stand on this side of the bride and not this side of the bride? And what is the tradition in that?

So it’s very, very helpful to understand, but it’s on your own that you would go through that the wedding planning interns, do get a little bit more, face-to-face time with me, as I said, they also get, more real hands-on with event planning as you shadow me and assist me throughout, the year or your time with us in proposals and weddings. So that is another kind of unique aspect to this position versus the other ones.

Editorial, that’s pretty straightforward. You are part of our editorial blog writing, team. We rely heavily on you as I have not paid $1 of advertising in the 11 years, I have rested in organic SEO, and it has proven to be very fruitful for me. And so we continue in that and we want to make sure that’s a strong pillar for our company. And so that’s why we offer that editorial PR position.

Social media intern, I think is very self-explanatory, as I said, you’re kind of those two positions are more on your own in your own space, but nonetheless, I’m in there kind of brainstorming with you, um, as you go. So again, not completely alone, but you have a little bit more freedom in your time.

The digital marketing internship is different than social media. I know the two oftentimes go together. This one does not. So we have split it up intentionally because if you want to be a social media manager, you need to be a hundred percent on that, right? You need to be the expert in that field.

And if you want to do digital online marketing, you need to be your expert there. And they are two different positions. They are two different animals. It looks different just the way that, they are by nature. So digital online marketing, what that looks like is more of, email funnels, SEO.

Kind of search engine optimization, making sure our blog posts, making sure our website, making sure that Google’s happy with everything we’re doing because it’s a pillar in our business. Course creation. We have tons of courses that we are looking to push out this year, as well as expanding out our different platforms, um, for the reach of our blog. So I think that there’s a lot of different, different opportunities within the digital marketing space. And that always is changing in best practices, but I wanted to give an overview of all of them so that you can understand, and again, kind of apply for the right position that you feel like would best suit you.

30 Second Video

Let’s get into the 30-second snapshot. So I want to know more about you. I’ve kind of taken the last 30 minutes and I’ve told you all about who our company is, what the internship is about. My journey, my story. And now I want to hear about yours. I want to hear, you know, what is it that gets you going, what is it that your passions are?

What is it that your, skill sets are in where you want to take it? And I really want it to be something that you’re sharing yourself in that 30 seconds versus, you know, trying to, pitch to me who you are and why should I hire you? Authenticity is going to get you further along in anything. Then I’m trying to pitch. And that’s something I’ve learned through my 11 years of being in business.

So I would love for you to grab your phone, take 30 seconds and say, hi, my name is Jenee, and this is my story. And I’d love to be a part of the internship program. So send that over.

Don’t think too much into it, right? Don’t get shy. I honestly hate to be in front of the camera, but sometimes it’s just needed. So send that over, send me a real quick snapshot so I can, just get to know you. And then you will, after you have sent over your application, filled out the form, you have totally understood that this is a good fit for you, and you want to move into the next steps, upload your resume. If you have one, I know not everyone has one upload your resume. If not, you can send a link over. I’ll give it an email that you can send that to for your LinkedIn profile.

Working Interview

And then you will be prompted to do your working interview. So what that looks like is the working interview is going to be three projects I sent to you, and this is going to be in whatever department you’ve told me, this is what I’m applying for. And it’s an opportunity for you to see what it’s going to be like to work for visions. And it’s going to give me the opportunity to see what your work is truly like. So a lot of people can be like, oh, I have an eye for design. I’m very organized. I’m very this, but the work speaks for itself.

So let’s get into the working interview to really see if this is a good fit for both of us. And I want to leave you with a quote that I thought was really, truly my heart and all of this. And it is a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope that is inside yourself. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you’ve made it this far. Good luck on the working interview. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and I looked forward to speaking with you soon.

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