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How To Deal With A Pain In The Butt Bridesmaid

As if your wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, the last thing you need is a thorn in your side bridesmaid.

You’re getting married! This is supposed to be such an exciting and memorable moment in your life, and no doubt that it will be! You have finally popped the question to your best girls and asked them to stand by your side on your big day; and the group of you is happily enjoying this special time together. Until it happens…that one friend that somehow thinks she knows better than you. The one bridesmaid that seems to be going out of her way to make things complicated. A complete pain in the butt. You’re about to go crazy on her! Until, just when you’re about to lose it, you were lucky enough to stumble upon this blog post.

pain in the butt bridesmaid

Visions has seen it all. We have dealt with every type of bridesmaid from here to the end of the Earth. Through experience, we have some words of advice on how to deal with a pain in the toosh bridesmaid!

  • Keep it together woman – First and foremost, it is your special time, and no matter how hard she tries, there is no way she can ruin it. You’re about to marry your best friend! Always keep that in the back of your mind and her shenanigans will seem much smaller. Letting her stress you out will just ruin your day, not so much hers. So just stay cool, calm, and collected. Let her rant all she wants and you just enjoy all the other happiness surrounding you.
  • Pull her aside privately – If she has gotten under your skin so much that it’s to the point where you just HAVE to say something, do it! But make sure you do it privately, just the two of you, so you don’t cause a big scene. Doing it in front of the girls might cause her to get defensive and create an even bigger problem. Ask her if she would like to go out to coffee or brunch, and simply ask her what’s up! In the nicest way possible explain to her your feelings and I am sure she will be very understanding and apologetic.
  • Be understanding – After all, you did ask her to be your bridesmaid. She’s your friend! You love her dearly and she loves you. There is a very little chance that she is purposely trying to ruin your special time; in fact, she might not even know she is doing it. One thing I’ve learned in life is that people that care for you don’t ever try to intentionally upset you. More than half the time, once you explain how your feelings are hurt, they instantly respond with, “Oh my gosh! I had no idea! I am so sorry I didn’t mean to.” So be understanding and hear her out.
  • Let her know who’s boss (nicely, of course) – Gosh dangit it’s your wedding and you’ll have it how you want to! You are the bride and she, in this circumstance anyways, is your sidekick. Yes, her opinion is valuable to you. But ultimately you are going to do whatever your little heart desires. If she starts getting too pushy, say, “Listen. I appreciate the idea, but it’s my wedding and I love the idea of…” Simple as that! It’s not rude and it reminds her that she can make those types of decisions when it’s her wedding! This time it’s all about you.

Don’t start a war on your wedding because a simple talk can fix this small little hump in the road. Follow our advice and we are sure this pain in the butt bridesmaid will be no more.

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