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How To Create Your Wedding Guest List

Your guest list will be the foundation to your budget, the more people the more money.

One of the most frustrating parts of planning is the wedding guest list.  Who to invite, who not to invite.  Of course you wish you could invite everyone that you know, but your budget just may not allow for a 350 guest count.  Let’s look at how to create the ideal wedding guest list.

How does that happen? Here are some of my best tips on creating that practical wedding guest list:

Wedding Guest List-How to Create

Get Your Address Book Out

  • Begin with just a simple preliminary guest list. This is your rough draft of the finalized list. You may have lots of scratch outs and add ins, that’s completely normal do not worry!
  • Take the time to relax and sit down with your fiance, this is such an exciting part of your life! Discuss what you 2 envisioned on your day: whether it’s a huge party or a small gathering. Being on the same page will make the process all that much easier.

 Get Your Calculator Out

  • Your wedding venue is an extensive part of creating your guest list. Of course you will start your guest list before having your venue set in stone.  When looking for venues just keep in mind that you will have to be flexible. Many places will have a maximum AND minimum amount allowed at their venue. The venue will change your guest list, whether it will make it smaller or larger.  Also your guest list if too large for your budget will be taking away from other areas of your budget.  Really think about the overall feel of your wedding if you are looking to have a formal affair and your budget is not where it needs to be consider making a cut on the guest list so that those invited can enjoy the day with you.
  • Lots of brides & grooms don’t think about this as too important but the number of guests you invite affects the cost of your wedding. Really think about who is paying for this part of your wedding. When thinking about who to invite remember there is more to each guest than just a plate per person Other items included in each guest can be: number of  tables, chairs, & drinks.

 Get the Scissors Out

  • A tough part of creating your ideal guest list: People you don’t want to invite. I would say that this is a hard part on a lot of couples because you dream of having everyone in your life there! You need to remember to keep your guest list workable, what type of crowd are you looking to have at your wedding?  Some brides want to have a family atmosphere while others dream of a huge party with no children.  Take a look at the categories below to see what your guest list will or will not include.
  • Children
  • Office Colleagues
  • Ex-boyfriends or Ex-Girlfriends
  • Plus ones for your single guests

Cut the DRAMA!

  •  If there are certain people who are not supporting you or your fiance they shouldn’t be invited to your wedding.  This is your wedding day and only the people that are supporting you should be on the list.  The last thing you want is for your day to be full of drama, so cut those who are not showing the love.
  • The parent guest list is often overlooked.  While it is a proper etiquette to ask your parents for their guest list it is not mandatory.  A good rule of thumb is if your parents are contributing financially to the big day they should also have some input on the guest list.  Ask each set of parents who they would like at the wedding, and maybe even give them a max number so they don’t go crazy.
  • Most of all my number one tip is making sure the most important people in your life are at the big day. This will most likely include immediate & extended family & close friends. but maybe some special guests depending on you and your fiance.

Now that you have a professional planner’s advice on developing your wedding guest list: sit down, relax, and BEGIN!

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