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Host A Fabulous Sunset Summer Soiree

Summer is all about sunshine. The temperatures are hot and so are the colors. So if you ask me, there is no better way to incorporate the season than a sunset summer soiree.

Summer is by far my favorite season. My windows are always open, the music is always loud, and my suntan is always in full gear. How could you not love it!? So, deciding on how I would throw a summer soiree was easy for me. When I think of summer, the first things that come to mind are bright colors, wonderful friends, and gorgeous evenings outdoors. You too? Then throwing a ‘sunset summer soiree’ is the way to go. With a party as brightly colored as this, there is no way your guests will get any feeling other than summer fever!

sunset summer soiree

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To throw this most fabulous summer soiree, there are 4 key elements…

1. Bright colors galore: Enjoy the most wonderful season for color by picking only the brightest. Bright colors have a tendency to make people happy and energized, which is what summer is all about after all! So incorporate the colors in any place you can because it can never be enough.

2. Lights, lights, lights (…and tiki torches): Strands of white lights aren’t just for Christmas trees. Did you ever think of putting them in your backyard? It makes for great ambiance, some out of the ordinary outdoor lighting, and looks like twinkling stars. If you want my opinion, they are even more perfect for summer than they are for winter. And the tiki torches have you feeling like you just stepped off the plane in the oh so tropical destination of Hawaii 😉

3. Use summers fresh ingredients: Summer is chalk full of juicy fruits and fields of flowers. So use them while you can! Incorporating fruit into your cocktails, spray painting pineapples, and putting large bouquets of bright flowers in your watering can is a great start for décor. But the options are endless.

4. Keep it outdoors: If you’re from Chicago, like us, you know how long winter can be sitting indoors. Which is why it is absolute KEY that if you are having any sort of summer soiree, it needs to be outside! The warm weather and lush greens won’t be around for long.

Make your party as bright as the sun with a ‘sunset summer soiree’. Whether your kicking off the season, or saying your farewells to the warm weather, a summer party is always a good idea.

If you need help planning your own soiree, call Visions for either a design consultation or our full planning service to make your event a true celebration.

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