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Proposals: In Her Own Words

Wondering what your girlfriend is thinking….?  Here are a few words from lovely ladies that have recently had the question popped to them. We hope this provides some insight into the bar that has been set.

In Their Own Words

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“I always imagined something very romantic with a lot of thought and set up going into it. It was very simple-he just got down on one knee and asked. No special occasion, just did it after dinner one night. I feel a little disappointed. And when people ask me “How did he do it”, I feel like I have to start the story with a waiver saying “it wasn’t a big deal or anything…”, but I wanted it to be a big deal!


“I knew my boyfriend (now fiance) had my engagement ring and it was just a matter of time of waiting for the right time. Well, he popped the question but at the wrong time. We were having a nice enough weeekend together, spending Sunday afternoon touring a historic site. I had a feeling he might ask that day but really didn’t want him to because the place we were at just wasn’t very pretty. Well after we ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at some run down picnic table he got up and knelt down and asked me to marry him. As soon as I realized what he was doing I thought not now! But held my tongue and just went with it. The rest of the day we were very lovey dovey and I tried to forget the fact it wasn’t what I was hoping for but I kept thinking about it. I was really wishing it would be a beautiful place when were were feeling romantic.”


“So I’m engaged but my proposal sucked!!! He didn’t even decorate, there was no romantic music and he knows that I love flowers and he didn’t even give me one!!! He used a beat up candle that was already used and I didn’t even get to dresss up nor did he ask my parents before he asked the question!!! I’m so mad because I gave him an idea of how I would like to be proposed and he didn’t do it.”


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