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Groomsmen Gift Guide: The Traditional Guy

A great way to say thanks to your traditional ‘boy nextdoor’ groomsmen is with a little help from Visions gift guide!

Shopping for groomsmen gifts can be daunting. What is something they will genuinely enjoy to keep? How do you avoid wasting money on something so cheesy that they toss it out after the wedding? I’m telling you, it’s harder than it seems! We are here to make this process a little bit less stressful.

The traditional groomsman is an old fashioned sweetheart. He was born and raised to stick to tradition. You will never fail to find him golfing every Saturday, watching football every Sunday, and enjoying all the time he can get drinking cold beer with his buddies. Here’s how to be sure to score a touchdown with your groomsmen gift for this guy…

groomsmen gift guide traditional

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The Traditional Guy

  • Keep calm & Keep it simple: A very traditional guy doesn’t like a whole lot of glitz and glam, so stick to the basics. What’s some of the first things that come to mind when you think of a guy? I’m sure most of you instantly thought of football, beer, golf, and cigars. That’s why we recommended these awesome products, like a customized golf towel, to make it personal to them and easy for you! Avoid excessive patterns and make your gifts look simple and appealing. They will love it.
  • Practical is a must: I can promise you that this chap isn’t a fan of clutter. Don’t get him any junk that won’t serve him a purpose later on. Odds are it will end up in their next garage sale! A customized humidor is perfect for him because he will be able to keep his stash of cigars fresh for all those special occasions (or next weeks poker night if we’re being honest here). And what guy doesn’t love some Jack D with their name on it? I swear that’s what you boys live for. So a whiskey glass with his name printed on it along with his role in the wedding will be something he finds really special. You’ll be sure to see them using both of those gifts next time you’re at his place for guys night in.
  • Pretty much anything sports: Traditional guys love a classic game of ball. Basketball, football, baseball, you name it! Anything that will help them live out their childhood dreams of going pro in their front yard is sure to be something they will bevery thankful for. Not only is a football practical, simple and sporty, but also having it customized with their name on it is a whole new ball game. It’s a gift that will last for years to come. You guys might even be able to start a touch football game at the reception, if you can sneak it behind the bride that is!

Your buddies have always been there for you, so be there for them with an amazing groomsmen gift. Visions has a gift guide for all the types of guys in your wedding party. Check them out!

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