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Groomsmen Gift Guide: The Southern Gent’

Take a breath, Visions is here to make groomsmen gift buying a piece of cake for all those southern gentleman out there!

When groomsmen gift shopping gets too stressful, kick your boots up and have a read through our gift guide! Today, we are here with some advice on how to please your southern style groomsman.

A southern gentleman is exactly that; A southern heartthrob who loves fishin’, huntin’, and the fresh outdoors of good old America. This guy would wear his cowboy boots and hat with a tuxedo if he could! He smiles with dimples and the ladies can’t resist his drawl, y’all. Get on this cowboy’s level and get him the perfect “thank you” for being a part of your big day.

groomsmen gift guide southern gent

1. Customized Mason Jar by Magic Wood Shop  2.Engraved Pocket Knife by Engrave Me This 

3. Machine Gun Pen by The Man Registry  4. Whiskey Barrel Machine Gun Bullet Pen by The Man Registry

The Southern Gentleman Groomsmen

  • Take It Outside: All the true cowboys love to spend their day’s outdoors, and you can tell by their farmer’s tans! Get this groomsmen a gift he can put to use under the sunshine. A monogram soft cooler is great for him to store his fishing bait, a couple of beers, or some grub! And what better way to help him bring the outdoors into his office than the Whiskey Barrel Machine Gun Bullet Pen? A combination of a 50 caliber machine gun bullet and the wood of a bourbon barrel will help them daydream about hunting that 12 point buck even in their downtown offices.
  • “Kick back, relax and pass the good time moonshine”: …says the Florida Georgia Line singers. And they couldn’t be more on point as to what an ol bronco will love for a groomsmen gift. Actually, just about every country singer from here to tim-buck-too mentions mason jars, so you know it’s a great gift! We all know this guys fridge is nothing but stocked full of brews and moonshine, so help him drink in style with a custom 16 oz mason jar mug. It doesn’t get much more southern than that!
  • Upgrade his everyday products: A southern gentleman has a couple items he carries with him on an everyday basis. You know, his boots, cowboy hat, and his blinged out belt buckles. Take something that you already know he uses and loves, and make it new and improved! One thing you can find in every country boys jean pocket is a knife. So we reckon a wooden pocket knife engraved with his name would be an awesome gift! It will help him bring in some fish out on the river bank and come in handy for all of his hunting trips. All boys like a good pocket knife, but the southern gent LOVES a good pocket knife.

The country style rustic wedding is a very popular trend right now. So whether you’re fitting the theme or you have a true southern gentleman in your wedding party, this gift guide will be sure to help you find amazing gifts. Be sure to check out all of the other groomsmen personalities we covered in our blogs, too!

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