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Groomsmen Gift Guide: The Hipster

Get your hipster style groomsmen the gifts they deserve with Visions gift guide!

With so many options for groomsmen gifts these days, it isn’t easy picking one that everyone in your wedding party will love. That’s why we’re here. We know that your groomsmen are going to be packed with a bunch of different personalities, so we have come up with a few key points to help you successfully buy for that hipster friend.

The hipster is set aside from all those mainstream consumers. You can find them rocking old school fashion and thrift store gems. These “effortless fashion” experts walk the streets of big cities on weekends looking for a great coffee shop to kick back and relax in. He’s always your “go-to” guy on the best books, art, and a great jazz band because he loves it all (but who doesn’t!). He has a very free spirit and is admired for his cultural trends.

groomsmen gift guide hipster

1. Genuine Leather Suspender by Nola Leather  2. Gingham Bowtie by StellaEMHaberdashery

3. Personalized Pocket Watch by Custom Sentiments  4. Mens Leather Satchel by Joo Joobs

The Hipster Groomsmen

  • Vintage, vintage,vintage!! Go to your local antique store and you’re sure to find something this new age traveler will love. Vintage goodies don’t only make up his home, but they make up his wardrobe, too! Old leather is a hipster’s best friend, so we suggest a worn leather satchel. Filled with all of his favorite books and knick-knacks, he will use it on an everyday basis. Even a pair of leather suspenders would be great for him to wear before, during, and after the wedding! He will think of you and your special day every time he uses either one of these old time fashion statements.
  • Make everyday a bowtie day: You might not know it, but all the hipsters know that, “Wearing a bow tie is a way of expressing an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think” (aka the definition of a true hipster). And not to mention, the options are endless here! With a million and one different colors and patterns, monogrammed and customized, you can find a bow tie (or several) for your super chill groomsmen. This gift is easy for you and fits their personality perfectly. After all, what bow tie wouldn’t look great with a scruffy face and a killer man bun?
  • Think out of the ordinary: Social norms are overrated to these guys. Being different is what makes up his heart and soul. So whereas most men would love a watch, a pocket watch is much more up this groomsmen’s alley. Unique gifts that you wouldn’t see out on the street everyday are a great route to take. Some of the fashions and trends from the olden days that have gone out of style are what this hipster sees as the trendiest piece to date. So think outside the box!

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